How to get yourself out of negative production?

  • -outside village look -inside illage

    This is very interesting. I have no resource field, no income and I have negative production.
    My hero is dead. Army is dead. I cant do anything at the moment.

    Anyone got any idea what to do next?
    I dont want to delete my account but im stuck and cant play at all.
    What would be best mathematical way to get out of this and continue to play?

    Thank you all in advance!

  • Crop fields or hero resurrection doesn't require crops so what you can do is build crop fields while waiting for the hero resurrection cost to drop and then revive her too. You can't truly be put into situation you can't recover because of this, lvl 0 fields make some resources and with some resources you can always eventually restore crop production and revive the hero.

    Obviously it would be way faster to just delete and start again (or just play on a different server) but if you just want to keep this account for what ever reason then just slug it trough like that.

    The real thing you should probably do is ask for a buddy to send you enough resources to get at least your hero revived and then use the hero production to get your village back on it's feet.