How many treasures are in robber hideouts?

  • Hola.

    I was wondering about robber hideouts script. Each governor has 2 robber hideout each 24h and Duke has 1 robber hideout each 24h and King has no robber hideouts.
    But every time one Kingdom has more treasure then all other Kingdoms, robber hideouts do not give treasures so much as before.

    We had 12 to 15 treasurs per hideout, now only 2,3,4 tops per governor.

    Is that becuse our kingdom has 50 percent more Treasure then any other Kingdom on world at the moment?
    Some sort of balancing script?

    Last few days our Kingdom got only 1k treasure and all other Kingdoms got plus 3 to 5k and we are active as hell! So how does the script work? Is it better to have less treasuries and treasure then other Kingdoms in order to get good ammount of tresasurs in robber hideouts?

    Thank you in advance and I would love official answer to this question from Travian Team.

  • They probably won't release their secret formulas for that. Treasures in hideouts are ranomized a bit though, might be bad luck.

    Robber camps however need free tiles to spawn, so missing tiles might reduce their amount of waves => amount of treasues.