WW`s fog....I want to suicide...

  • Hey guys,

    thank you for sharing your feedback with us, it's always appreciated!
    Do you have any suggestions on how to improve the mist? I'm afraid removing it and/or changing it with something else may not be an option but we're open to ideas :)
    I'll then forward them to the development team for consideration, thank you in advance!

    If the mist is causing lagging, please try to turn off the animations ingame, that should help.

    Best regards

  • It is not about the fog itself.
    It is about optimization.

    First and foremost you should remove the fog from the village few, it is really annoying to look at.
    Secondly there needs to be some serious optimization on the map overview. It can't be that hard to make a max 200x200 map with some popups and a transparent fog on it viewable in a browser without using gigabytes of ram and freezing my browser tab for several seconds up to minutes when trying to open the map (it is faster to F5 until the map loaded properly in most cases). There are some major issues with the map overview itself, as it has always had issues since TK beta.

    It is also not about "bad computers" that are affected by it, a lot of players with all ranges of hardware are affected.
    These are implementation issues and there is not much we can suggest there other than fixing the implementation itself

  • Make fog zone just a texture without lighting and add some settings like off/on fog in village. :thumbsup: