5x speed and RAM

  • x5 needed RAM because it was 5 times faster.

    Elaborate on this please. How does it need more memory for more speed?
    Only thing I can think of is more players, but that is not "because it was 5 times faster".
    In itself it is an issue coming from none optimized code or some suboptimal decisions in the development process.
    A browsergame like travian should not use gigabytes or ram or have heavy lagging issues when opening the map, even with loads of players.

  • Hi sssss#DE

    to elaborate on this topic, I created this dedicated thread in the General section.

    1. We've already anticipated more players. We knew there will be more activity due to more players because playing on a x5 round is a frequent player wish.

    2. x5 means more things happening at once. Especially on the map.

    3. Travian Kingdoms and Travian: Legends are two different games. Even though we've expected more players, we didn't expect as many players as Travian: Legends gets on tournament rounds.

    I hope, these points make it easier to understand what happened. Be assured, our team learned to ensure a stable performance next time. Whenever "next time" will be.

    kind regards,


    Community Communications Manager :)