Relocation changes

  • Relocation is heavily abused. Good for spies/jumpers. Remove relocation. Add teleportation! Same reqs like relocation, but:


    1) You can teleport unlimited times only while in beginners protection. Teleporting is disabled after you hit 200 pop or protection ends.

    2) No more jumpers

    3) No more spies who stays in your kingdom with 1 village for 1 month and then relocates away with all the info about your kingdom

    4) Players will be more loyal. No more: Mad Skillz:"Hi would you like to join us?" PLAYER:"ok lets try, but if you are noob I relocate away".

    5) Very good idea

    6) No more fights for members between kingdoms (trying to steal members and relocate them into your kingdom)

    7) "tele me to (11|11)" is shorter than "relocate me to (11|11)"


    1) More work from devs needed

    2) You lose your troops

    3) Res fields stays the same

    4) Devalues fast settling method

  • I think the easiest way with least work for devs to prevent relocation abuse is to put a population limit for relocation.

    For instance, all current relocation features will stay the same for the first week of the round. This will allow fast settling and other early games tactics to be eligible. After this period, one must have a population below 200 to relocate so that:

    - you can still run away from people who try to cat you down

    - sustaining a hammer is way harder with population limit if you choose to jump

  • I dont understand why TG complicates the solutions to the problems.
    Jumpers: relocation only for accs inside the first 7 days after starting, unable reinforcement to relocate
    vacation-mode: no vacation-mode for kings and dukes, absolutly not needed for having dual and/or sitters
    mist: make a grey border around the WW, no mist needed