King tribes

  • Teuton king - very good if you have friends who can protect you. You build off hammer as king.

    Roman king - good for late game. Playing def is not really worth as king roman. You can do WW hammer with catas.

    Gaul king - very good if you want to play def and your friends are off players. Your village will be safe till late game if you build def and traps nonstop.

  • About the tribe you use for being king it depends on what you expect to do in the server.
    If you play to win or if you play for fun and don't want to win.

    In the first case, teutons are best because of the strength of their wall, the other two tribes are bad because of their wall.

    In the second case, any tribe will do the trick, you can produce lots of troops as a king with little effort thanks to tributes if you have governors with good production

  • Ah yes, but the Earth wall is much harder to kill granting better def against early, mid and even late game armies. Teuton def is very underrated. Kings can field big def early as Teuts to def others aswell. Then there is the brewery for pure pounding power using rams and clearing the way for follow up roman cats. This is a lethal combo in any stage of the server

  • Ok so teuton def king is viable?

    Everything is viable, except gaul off.

    For off there's not much difference in reasoning as for governors. Teutons = best strength per time, roman = still good strength per time but much less crop consumption, gaul = shit, because no strength per time.

    For def accounts you need to factor tributes in. If you'll have many tributes (which you could predict based on the amount of governors you have or plan to have). If you play pure def, you won't be able to convert all resources + tributes into spears (teuton) or praets (roman), because you'll lack barracks (and villages to build barracks). As teuton you would have to train paladins then, which sucks, because druids to their job 100x better. As roman however, you can opt into training equites legati, which are very important (and also cost almost no iron, evening out your overall resource consumption a bit => less (npc) trading required).

    If you don't want to train scouts, go for gauls - there you can train druids (or haeduans) as def in the stable, bypassing the "no more barracks possible because no villages"-problem, that roman and teuton def kings might have.

    Long story short (for kings with many tributes, considering the too-many-resources-first-world-problem):

    S-Tier: Off teuton, Def gaul, Def + Scout roman

    A-Tier: Off roman, Def teuton

    B-Tier: Def roman without scouts

    C-Tier: Off gaul