There's never been any water in Travian. Should there be?

  • Should Travian: Kingdoms move towards some kind of Water/Sailing mechanic? 14

    1. Yes (3) 21%
    2. No (8) 57%
    3. Better make a new game (3) 21%

    Hey friends,

    I'm pretty new to Travian and Kingdoms in particular, but I've played a lot of other strategy games (civ, crusader kings, settlers, ...) before and the one thing that I found sorely missing is ships and water! Apart from linearity and certain monotony in gameplay, visually the map is uniformally green, with no geography to speak of. I found it hard to orient myself or get immersed in it.

    So, can anyone explain why it seems that Water's never been seriously considered?

    From the top of my head, Water could add a lot to trade, warfare and even some kind of new world exploration thing.

    It's surely a pretty massive addition that would change everything in the game, but I believe it would also bring the game to a whole new level for many players like myself who wanna see a more realistic, all-encompassing world and strategy options.

  • No new things in this game, better fix the bugs and take away all bot-players.

    I've played legends and wartune since this game got out of borders... Now those games also are out of borders, so...

    Now I play Game of Thrones for a while

  • Well I'd say that things like bug-fixes and dealing with cheaters are of course a priority, but should not prevent players and devs from looking forward into the future. This is an idea/suggestion forum after all, a place to get all-excited with possibilities etc. I'll be back to civ meanwhile :)