Mysterious Mist discussion

  • This is fine, but it won't resolve all the problems. Some players still will be able to be menhired near a treasury or a hammer to destroy it and come back. In contrast to WW there is usually less than 30k stationary defence, so average 30k club hammer and 6k catapults would be enough to demolish a target.

    In my opinion there are several much better ways to prevent such situations:
    1) Every player can have a personal timer like begginer's protection. Usually average player already has 3-4 villages in a month of playing, so situations when someont would like to be menhired in a month of playing are very rare.

    2) Every player can have a troop limit like 10-15k crop consumption and if he has more troops then he won't be able to be menhired.

    3) Every player can have a timer after being menhired that will forbid to attack other players. Actually the duration may depent on player's troop count. For example <10k troops - 12h, 10-20k - 24h, >20k - 48h. It'll be enough to organize defence and destroy granaries in the menhired village, so starvation will seriously reduce that hammer and make it not dangerous.

    Maybe such options has some disadvantagies, but I'm sure it would be a smaller problem than abusing that game mechanic.

  • like I wrote in other thread:

    I dont understand why TG complicates the solutions to the problems.

    Jumpers: relocation only for accs inside the first 7 days after starting, unable reinforcement to relocate

    vacation-mode: no vacation-mode for kings and dukes, absolutly not needed for having dual and/or sitters

    mist: make a grey border around the WW, no mist needed

  • I think the jumper issue is only really a problem on high speed servers. Due to the fast troop training and with some effort to stay under pop limit. The Menhir feature is very useful but in speed worlds very abusable. I would agree that a troop sending cooldown is vital to deter those enclined to use mecs not as intended. Thank you TG for adressing these issues

  • I think when it comes to the Menhir function you have to look at the purpose it was created for. I believe the whole reason for having it is to allow new players (experienced or not) in a server to find an alliance and relocate to them, if they have joined the server with no pre-formed alliance. I don't think there was any intent for it to allow hammer villages to fly around the map. Because of this, Menhir should be restricted to the start game. Since servers have different speeds and different join restrictions, it's hard to restrict Menhir to a specific day of the server.

    It would be better to have Menhir restrictions based on how long each player has been in the server, which sounds familiar. BP was creating with the same intentions, to give new players (specifically brand new to travian) a chance to figure out the game, find a team to join and not get raided right at the start. I think most players today would agree that current BP settings give new players more than enough time to do so. So why should this be different for Menhir relocation?

    I don't think there should be a restriction on the number of relocations you can do. It's not uncommon for a King to go inactive in the first few days. Having 2 villages and not being able to relocate is more of the restriction in that case. Although, having something in place to stop the people who take advantage of the quick hideout spawning is necessary. People who really need a new kingdom won't care about a delay in their spawn (related to server speed).

    Doing this would also completely eliminate the need for a "mist". There hasn't been a problem with using Menhir relocation close to WW so far in the start of a server, that I know of. This issue has only recently surfaced with people adapting a strategy of flying hammers mid/late game to destroy treasuries/WW's. Also, from what I have heard, this mist only creates lag issues and I don't think 13^2 is really that big of an area to deter anything.

    - Restrict Menhir relocation to BP
    - No relocation limit

    - Delay hideout spawn after relocation
    - No Mist

  • No no no :)

    No no no. Just like offensive jumpers, so can you have 50k def jumpers. If you get a jumper near you, call a defensive jumper immediately. The condition is only one.2or 3 free fields.

    I like to send def to Robber Camp:saint:

    WHY Startup farm list   have only 10 target? (no kingdoms with 10 treasures ):(

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  • From travian rules

    In cases of a violation of the rules or the General Terms & Conditions, an avatar shall be banned/suspended and may only be released with a punishment in accordance with the violation that occurred. Any losses during the time of a ban/suspension, including Plus accounts and Gold will not be replaced by Travian Kingdoms.

    Every player is treated equally, regardless of their Gold status. Purposefully abusing Travian Kingdoms's rules regulation system, game mechanics or any other of Travian Kingdoms's regulatory procedures for one’s benefit or in order to impair others is impermissible.

    Menhir was intended to help new players to find kingdom for themselves, so doesn't off and def jumpers break rules here?

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