Improvement suggestions

  • I really don't see any good reason for delaying this server anymore.

    The server is more or less dead. 719 players "active" for the moment.

    The general problem with normal speed servers is that they take too long time (many days) to finish.

    I have spoken with many players and responded several times in surveys, that you need to shorten this.

    And no, speed servers is not the answer. The level of activity required on a speed server is different.

    We need normal speed servers where:

    • First phase is ok in length. Players build and fight.
    • Mid-game should be shortened by 10-15 days. Too less things really happen in this phase. Many players are quitting.
    • End game, before WW is meaningless long. Reduce with 50%. Even more players are quitting.
    • WW-phase is just boring. Reduce building time of infrastructure with 50%. Those players outside WW teams just see "send more crop". messages

    Too compensate for less time to build hammers, it is possible to decrease building time of troops in general or reduce building time for each phase.

    I think normal speed servers do have a place in the game set-up, but need to reduce the calendar time madness.