Looking for players to join first half kingdom

  • I am planning to play as a defensive king this game and then join up with a larger active kingdom much later in the game. I will be spending lots of gold, which means lots of cages and as a def player I will be building lots of def troops, which means your treasures will definitely be safe.

    these are the reasons you should join me:

    + maximum crop bonus for your stolen goods
    + be part of a top kingdom late game

    + you don't want to be super active (but it's okay if you are)

    + you want to build a massive later game hammer

    these are the reasons you shouldn't join me:

    - you want to attack other kingdoms before late game as part of a massive offense operation I will not be organising these.
    - you want to play as king or duke.

    - you want to speed settle on the best cropper in the game in the first 12 hours of the game.

    so basically unless you are an experienced player who already has a team you should join me. if you are interested and/or have questions feel free to message me and don't forget to tell me what nickname you will be using.