COM2 updates

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    Dear Com2 players,

    we are sorry for the lagging issues. We’ve found out what caused them on com2 and stabilized the round.

    Tomorrow, Wednesday, January 15, at 2:00 pm CET, we will restore all starved troops that died during the times the game round had the no connection issues. These troops will resurrect within the village they’ve starved, for example as reinforcement troops in a World Wonder! That’s why we give you this heads up early: Please prepare for a high crop consumption in these villages!

    Additionally, we will give out 20 Gold to everyone. Those of you who bought Gold, will be able to transfer the remaining Gold up to the amount they bought; no matter where the remaining Gold came from.

    Thank you all that reported the issues. Please help us spread the word so that every com2 player will be aware and can prepare in time.

    Your Travian Kingdoms Team

    Community Manager
    Travian Kingdoms International

  • I remember years ago, once TK gave 250 gold to every player for 1 day of inaccessibility. How far we have come... You are not giving those golds from your own pockets, its in game gold. 20 gold is an insult to the players, you might as well not give anything.

    Libasinho / Glorfindel / Twinblade

    Member of ZLF & BM

  • Based on what troops came back from starvation I can tell you guys have no idea the situation of this server and for how long it happened for.

    Professional Irritant & Memer [BM]TM

  • What about the troops, buildings and towns lost due to not being able to make defcalls?

    Some kingdoms migth even claim, with good right, that those server meltdowns ruined their chance to win.

    Besides this problem is an old problem!

    It happend about a year ago also only at that time it was only the forum system that didnt work.

    Fail if you ask me and i dont blame folks for leaving this game.

  • So that’s why you lost.