Only one robber camp (not hideout) per kingdom

  • Thanks for the info, I haven't checked the layout of the tiles. I'll do next time they spawn.

    Edit: I have just checked and you are right. We got a spawn only on non 4-4-4-6 fields. But I still think it is unbalanced... we got 20 treasures from it, other kingdom who got 5-10 robbers can easily get 100-200 treasusures from them. How is it balanced?

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  • I do not believe it's supposed to balance out in that way, you have to take charge of your kingdom and let people know not to settle on certain titles! (Every new treasury we open, we mark all the non-4446 tiles in red and make an announcement about not settling there). Basically force people to settle near a future treasury location and only on 4446 titles until you are sure enough robber won't spawn to overtake them all.

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