What to do when you encounter such Support?

  • My account in arabiax3 got banned for multi accounting, now the funny thing,I didn't multiaccount, I stopped playing for few days, and I had a sitter, then a friend tells me I got ban O_o I check back I found my self banned I make a ticket...3 days none responded to the ticket, I contacted Travian Legends support who redirected my ticket here and told me they will resolve it as fast as possible..My Ticket GOT DELETED and in my email I find a reply that they say they reconfirmed it is a multi account impressive...The Question is how to deal with such support?is there another support I can contact?

  • Hi there TheDoctor
    thank you for contacting us!
    I understand it is frustrating to get banned and can assure you that our team is working to resolve your situation as soon as possible. I saw your ticket yesterday and forwarded it to the responsible people for the Arabic domain and they'll get back to you soon, if not already. No tickets are being deleted and they will always stay in our system so please don't hesitate to send another one quoting the ticket number you're wondering about and we'll provide you with updates regarding it's state.

    Game rule violations are not to be discussed on the forums so I'm closing this thread now. Please expect a reply from our colleagues or contact them again if you still haven't received one. Here's the link to the Arabic Help Center for TK :) https://support.kingdoms.com/ar/support/home#page:solutions

    Best regards