Android Map Beta Test v.1.4-0

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    Dear players,

    If you have an android :!:phone, help us and join the beta test. Open this link with your mobile device:…viangames.traviankingdoms

    And follow the provided instructions.

    The focus is on the new map. If you join the beta testing, you will see the new map on any game round you are playing on.

    Especially with the diverse variety of android devices, we want to make sure that the map layout won’t break. Check out the tactical map, tab two times for zooming, use the long press menu and try marking fields and players.

    Share your feedback in this dedicated forum thread: Feeback Android Beta Test – New Map

    We want to have one dedicated place to gather all your feedback so everybody can follow the progress of this beta test.

    Map Improvements

    • Improved loading time
    • Tactical map view
    • Zooming
    • We made it easier to recognize kings’ villages

    With this new game version, we’ve also included the following bug fixes. For now, they are only included in the beta version.

    Bug fixes

    • Crashes due to shared incomplete report links within the chat are fixed now
    • Czech game version is now displayed in the correct language
    • Crashes when opening or closing the notifications settings should be a thing of the past
    • Big screen resolution won’t break the resource field view anymore

    We’d like to hear from you. :)

    Your Travian Kingdoms Team