Feeback Android Beta Test – New Map

  • O not understand. What new in the new server Test ?

    Hi there Hannibal_Gram

    the main new thing this time is the new map that we've introduced in the mobile app beta version and few other things that will be announced with the next changelog. Hope this helps!

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  • Samsung galaxy s9 running android 9

    Since getting new map App now hangs on loading screen more than it works. I can select server. Then select my account or an account I sit. Then it just hangs. Imma say 8 out of 10 attempts to load.

    It really is not making life easier.

    The map itself is easier to read than the old. Still lacking in functionality, but an awful lot better than trying to use the browser map on a phone. That's hopeless (chrome for android). Perhaps the devs could work on an m.kingdoms,

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  • Schön zu sehen, dass ihr auch an der App arbeitet. Ich benutze diese nämlich sehr oft.

    Ich selber hatte noch nie die Probleme, die ihr aufgeführt habt. Aber gut für die, die diese Probleme hatten.

    Wegen der Karte habe ich ein bisschen Mühe. Sie ist auf jeden fall besser als die von vorher, aber es gibt zu viel Farben. Kann nur schlecht unterscheiden, zwischen einem grossen und einem kleinen Dorf.

    Hoffe dieses Feedback hilft euch weiter.

    Gruss Marco

    Here is the Feedback from the DE-Forum, translated with Translator:

    Nice to see you are working on the app, too. I use it a lot.

    I myself have never had the problems that you have listed. But good for those who have.

    I'm having a little trouble with the map. It is definitely better than the one before, but there are too many colours. I can hardly distinguish between a big and a small village.

    Hope this feedback helps you.

    Greetings Marco


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  • Hi there Just Jones#EN  
    thank you for sharing your feedback! Would it be possible for you to clear all app data and cache then check again whether loading still gets stuck?

    Regarding the m.kingdoms version - A while ago we decided to replace the mobile version with the mobile app so currently there aren't any plans on developing mobile browser version.

    Best regards

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  • Hi Georgi.

    While that makes perfect sense, it doesn't change the fact that currently there is a huge gap.in functionality of the map when using a mobile device. The current test version is better, as i said. But still not what it would describe as useful.

    Can't mark fields beyond adding a colour by the way. Which is great for visually informing myself of landmarks, but literally useless within a kingdom.

    Clearing cached data appears to have helped thank you. No longer hanging at the loading screen.

  • Tested on Huawei Mate pro

    Fine improvements on the graphic line on the map, and the zooming function.

    You should focus more on functionality though. Fx. the "Go to location" still can't find villages using coordinates.

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  • Bonjour

    depuis l'usage de cette mise à jour

    sur la page des champs de ressources, il y en a un celui tout à droite qui est "hors cadre" du téléphone

    on ne peut donc pas le sélectionner pour lancer une amélioration

    pour info je suis sur un Samsung S7

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    since using this update

    on the page of resource fields, there is one on the far right which is "out of frame" of the phone

    we cannot therefore select it to launch an improvement

    for info I am on a Samsung S7

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  • Another Feedback from a German Player:

    Also ich finde die neue Karte ziemlich gut, allerdings sehe ich die Kronen bei mir recht schlecht, da ich viel mit den Farben arbeite und sich die Kronen dann teilweise nicht mehr wirklich abheben.

    Auch fände ich es toll, wenn man noch weiter reinzoomen könnte, da die neue Karte detaillierter gestaltet ist, man jedoch viele Details gar nicht wahrnimmt, weil der kleinste Zoom immer noch größer als vorher ist, wenn ich das richtig beurteile. Kann auch sein, dass ich mich irre.

    Ist jetzt im Kartenfeedback eventuell ein bisschen fehl am Platz, jedoch funktioniert das Tribute abholen bei mir in der App immer noch nicht.

    Wenn ich die Tributeübersicht öffne, und etwas runterscrolle, werde ich immer aus der Welt zur Weltübersicht geschmissen. Und ich weiß nicht ob es ihn schon gibt und ich ihn nur nicht sehe, weil ich nicht runterscrollen kann, jedoch wäre ein "Alle Tribute Abholen"-Button in der App auch sehr cool.


    Well, I think the new map is pretty good, but I can't see the crowns very well, because I work a lot with the colours and some of the crowns don't really stand out anymore.

    I also think it would be great if you could zoom in even further, as the new map is more detailed, but you don't notice many details, because the smallest zoom is still bigger than before, if I judge that correctly. It could also be that I am wrong.

    It might be a bit out of place in the map feedback, but picking up Tribute still doesn't work for me in the app.

    If I open the Tribute overview and scroll down a bit, I always get thrown out of the world to the world overview. And I don't know if it already exists and I just don't see it because I can't scroll down, but a "Get all Tributes" button in the app would be very cool, too.


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  • For my part, it works normally, especially zoom out / in. I don't know if this beta test also includes a NAP area view of the Kingdom, as it doesn't show it to me.


    Huawei 10 mate pro.

  • I want to transfer a couple of comments from ES players.

    This post is thanking us for the App, he mentions that it is almost as if you use it on a computer and the app saved him several times. Asks us to please keep on going this way.

    This other one as well is gratefull as it works well, specially the map, but asks that we keep on working on it to improve performance even more.