Feeback Android Beta Test – New Map

  • Dear players,

    as announced here Android Map Beta Test v.1.4-0

    this is the dedicated thread for you to provide us with feedback about the android beta testing.

    When joining the beta test, you will see the new map on any game world :thumbup:you are playing on.

    Please share:

    • The device name
    • The OS version
    • Descriptions and screenshots

    Here are the first sneak peeks so that you’ll get a feeling for how the new map should look like.

    Especially with the diverse variety of Android devices, we want to make sure that the map layout won’t break. Check out the tactical map, tab two times for zooming, use the long press menu and try marking fields and players.

    We’d like to hear from you. :)

    Your Travian Kingdoms Team


  • Can we use all functionalities from web in the android map? (click in the player name to view his profile, put signs in the map, etc)

    Hi there Arievilo
    I moved your post from the announcement thread here in order to gather all the feedback in the same thread.
    Regarding your question - with the long press menu, you can mark players and fields. We are aware that players want all browser features in the app. But the focus for this beta test is on improving the map that we have in the app right now and together with it the player experience :)

    Need a test server to figure it out)

    A little fairy just told me that your wish(and many others' too) may actually be granted soon! :) Stay tuned to the TEST status thread: [Starting Soon] Test world status

    Best regards

  • Iam using Android Plus one.

    My experiance is that I need to update my app every time I have to send one attack/reinforce/scout on app version.

    - Besides of this, you have a search-bar to put in coordinates when in "Map", but 9/10 times you cannot go to the coordinates you press in, you want to go to lets say; -10 12 and it give you a list of coordinates to pick, rarely to never the coordinates you pressed in and want to go is to be choosen, like maybe 1/10 times it will be, Ive not tried it once if its a player, sometimes you be lucky it will go to the correct place if its an oasis, but otherwise you choose the closest and go like 25 fields too much in one direction that is the closest to the one you want to go and then you make your way to through the coordinates to your at the originally pressed in coordinates.

    - Besides of this: Iam often stuck on loading the map sometimes, I usually dont zoom out too much, it result in forever buffering.

    - Besides of this: its very hard to make picture of what is going on on the map compared to the browser version.

    - Besides of this: when log-in in on browser version from an android (phone/Ipad) , you cannot have any functionality of touch-pad, when you try to reach coordinates 1 1 you access coordinates 11 14 (a completely other place on the map). So you try in deperation to guess where to randomly click on the screen to catch the correct coordinates.

    - Besides of this: you dont have alot of the settings that you have on browser version. The daily card feature is not implimented on the app version, that and a ton of other stuff making it such an disadvantage to play from mobile that you can almost compare it to the difference in-between a hardcore goldspender to a non-goldspender.

    - Besides of this: when scaling your offers in the marketplace it is very hard to reach the correct numbers mid/end game, you want to put in 1500 but you have 45.000 of the resource and can either drag the amount with your finger or add/remove 1 resource each time you press once. You dont have the option to put in the numbers you wish and this makes deals that takes secounds to make on browser, last minutes to make on APP (Very bad for a situation where you have an incoming attack to your village)

    - Besides of this: you cannot see time of impact when sending attacks/reinforcements/scouts, this makes it very hard to co-up with alles on a target or to join in on anything coordinated for that matter.

    - Besides of this: You are not linked to achievements though your app version, so if you dont have a computer you wont achieve any of that neither.

    - Besides of that; When your on app version, lets say you have a hundret attacks going, you find the one in the slide-menu you like to check out, you press it and you are send to rally point to find it once again in the pile of attacks, I know this is not the same with merchants that if you press from slide-menu you be able to enter rally point and see the deal you wished to checkout, if only it was the same for on-going attacks/reinforcements/scouts.

    - Besides of this: you cannot access your important account settings from App version.

    - Besides of this: you when having a tecnical restriktion you dont get anything but "Error_unknown" meaning you gotta guess why you are not allowed certain actions.

    I could go on for like... Forever ... App version is so bad I would recommend anyone who is using itm to delete it and play on computer instead!

    And if you dont have a computer and cannot afford it, then Clash of Clans be a much better choice for you, atleast you be having a realistic chance of enjoying the game if you choose to spend real money on it, in which is way more then you can say for Travian App version ..

    Hello support now that Ive been so kind sharing my experiance giving you feedback. Would you please be so kind to answer my almost two weeks old ticket? I have still have not had reply and my friend had one within 24 hours, Iam starting to wonder if its something personal :(


    The App version

  • I can't seem to make the double tap to zoom work. Nothing happens. It is hard to compare with the old map, as the beta version overwrites the current version of the app. I can't remember the old one now.

    Pinching and spreading two fingers to zoom feels slow. Unnatural compared to map apps.

    The highlight of your own city is nice, but if feel like the king's city is harder to spot, although the graphic looks nicer.

    .... Your forum only supports screenshots less than 1 MB, so mine are slightly too big. Fix please.

    OnePlus 3T (A3003)

    Android 9 (OxygenOS 9.0.6)

  • Posso in italiano? I dont speak english. Prima di tutto c'è da aggiustare la chat che molto volentieri va in ritardo oppure non apre proprio i messaggi. Bisogna permettere di condividere report e aprirli come dal PC. Ho deciso di diventare sviluppatore perché uso molto app e quindi vorrei renderla al meglio.

    [EDIT by Moderator] Google translate:

    Can I in Italian? I dont speak english. First of all there is to fix the chat that very willingly goes late or does not open the messages. You must allow to share reports and open them as from the PC. I decided to become a developer because I use a lot of apps and therefore I would like to make it better.

  • i would like to join the test server.

    playing also on mobile. as King. you cant decide at beginning if you want to be king or governor.. which is pretty sad.. i did it via browser from my mobile phone (google chrome) (lets see on upcomming test server if they changed it :) )

    ressource fields bug is gone now. but the map how it looks before was in my eyes a little bit prettier then now. but for marking and editing works! great thanks alot!

    (samsung galaxy a70, on iphone it works....)

    having newest android version.

    best regards venox

  • Our mobile developers are updating this beta version regularly. If you haven't turned on automated updates, please check on a regular basis for them. And thank you all for your feedback we've got so far! keep it coming :)

    bbash-tada Community Communications Manager bbash-partyhat