Feeback Android Beta Test – New Map

  • Here is the Feedback from the AE-Forum

    Quote from @winston

    The application is good, some kind of market is boring, and when buying or monitoring resources for sale, it comes out of the market suddenly and you have to start over again and the numbers overlap with each other and it is difficult to know the available resources from the amount of the transmission in general a beautiful appearance bad performance


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  • I got a samsung s5e tablet and the alignement of the resource view it's just a nightmare. The map view has a severe delay of what can be done. I've played this game on the begining with some friends and we're just waiting for playable version for android. C'mon guys, annouce some bug fixes, so I can bring my friends back :D

  • I have a Xiaomi mi9t,

    I use for many games, also heavier than this, and they works perfectly, why your app is so bad?!?

    Too much problem, just for quote something;:

    - when I select a village on a map I can't attack (I need to keep press and after attack)

    - many but and crush

    - is no possible see attacks in Kingdom

    - big problem in market (it block everything!)

    - if I play 2 server I need to close the app for enter in the other server (or sitting account)

    -when I finish immediately a construction everything is blocked

    Really bad app (like my English ahhaha)