Unofficial Travian Kingdom Discord

  • Dear community,

    Following the lead of the legend community, we would like to introduce you an unofficial Travian Kingdom Discord server.

    With unofficial, we mean that the Kingdoms staff is not a part of this discord server. It's a fanpage run by the community and not an official channel.

    The server has general sections and channels for servers. The goal is to create a more direct contact between players, help each other, build kingdoms and have fun.

    Each team can ask for the creation of its own channel that can either be public or private and have full moderation over it.

    We are looking for players who would like to become moderator of the discord server. If you are interested please throw us a PM via Discord. We want as many teams to be involved.

    Last but not least, this server has as a function to be complementary with existing discords of teams, to create interconnection and discussions across teams on a neutral platform.

    Please follow this link to join the server:


  • Управляют этим каналом иностранцы, которые не уважают и дискриминируют русскоязычных

    Such lies, it's just as usual certain Russian players got some posts deleted because they could not follow the rules

    no one is discriminated against, it's for the flow of the chat we ask people to post in English, rather than their Native Language (as it's a community channel & not a Russian one)

    p.s. If we get enough interest for any Nation to want their own section, we would consider adding it

    Вот снова, только русские лжецы . Нет уважения. Вот вся ваша суть

    I think you'll find the same rules apply here

    so who is it not showing respect?

    Я никого не оскорбляю и не называю нации обманщиками. Я никому не навязываю не родной мне язык. Русскоязычное сообщество самое большое в этой игре, а на вашем канале нет ни одного русскоязычного администратора. Это национализм и дискриминация.

    you forget, this isn't a Russian forum .... "Travian Kingdoms EN Forum" "EN" meaning write in English

    or go back to your Russian section if you can't manage to do that

    "The writing of posts and messages in languages other than English is not permitted.On the whole forum"

    Forum rules Travian: Kingdoms team reserves,administrators as soon as possible.

  • Let me be very clear, you don't represent any nation, you are you, we are human beings first and foremost.

    The discord server is an unofficial server that we launched for the community, just like in the international forum there is a English only rule, in the server there is an english rule so that everyone can understand each other.

    Moreover, in the rules, we opened the possibility to any team to ask for their own channel in the server where they could write in whatever language they wanted and that is the only exception.

    Last but not least, if you actually read the original post of this thread, we asked for people who were interested in moderating the discord server and that applied to anyone.

    I hope this clears up every last doubt you had.

    PS: Write in english, english in the international forum is required as written here: Forum rules


    4. Netiquette

    • Insults, harassment, vilification or any other questionable comments about other players in any form and in any place within the forum will not be tolerated and will be dealt with.
    • The writing of posts and messages in languages other than English is not permitted.On the whole forum, we don't permit links to the following:
  • поэтому на вашем супер неофициальном канале нет русскоязычных администраторов?

    If no one asks for it, how can there be one? It is an open proposition to anyone who is willing to do it.

    PS: I won't reply anymore until you start writing in english, just like we comply to forum rules, so should you. You should respect rules like everyone else, you are not above people who do.

  • Pretty sure you just do it for attention, might surprise you to learn there are very few countries understand Russian & yet most can follow conversations written in English

    it's not about You, your Language or your Country, ..... it's about a Community & then you wonder why people speak badly of the Russian mentality (but do carry on embarrassing yourself) :)

  • Last thing, the big difference here is that we are discussing and having an open conversation while you are just saying over and over that you are liar and make no mistake, no one ever called you that. And more importantly, you do not represent Russia or any country for that matter. You are you.

    When you are respectful of others who make an effort to speak in another language (english in my case), we may discuss again. Have a good day.

  • ты выше писал, что больше отвечать мне не будешь.На русском таких как ты называют пиз...бол. Прошу прощения, но это слово подходит больше всего.


    Stop spamming here. The rules of their channel say that English is the language that should be used on it, and not Russian or Chinese or anything else. Nothing against you, just a rule that ensures most of the people (because most of the international servers players aren't Russian) can understand everything.