Selling Treasures

  • When Selling tresure I receive: +‭1300‬‬+‭1750‬‬+‭1300‬‬+‭7800‬‬

    As you can se i get more Stone then wood and Iron, as a Teuton i could really need more Wood then Stone, is there anything you can do in the beginning of then game that you can do to get Wood instead, or is it totally random?

  • You can't change what you get from treasures (outside of the crops anyways) but you can balance the books by using the hero production on the most needed resources and trading with the open market or your kingdom member.

  • Yes , but is there notning you can do in the beginning of the game, I will soon begin on a new server, so It would be nice to know if it is random or you can pick you favorit someway on a fresh server

  • It is not random.....its the average of everyone's resource production on the server....thats why it may fluctuate from day to day....if a player deletes for example...the resource income will fall slightly.

  • I've got this from Be2-e4:
    "Value of stolen goods: Amount of wood+clay+iron is based on population #1's account production, but gets reduced if your avatar's age is less than half of the server age (for instance avatar = 39 days, server = 80 days). Distribution between wood:clay:iron is generated randomly at your registration and won't be changed for the remainder of the round. Amount of crop is solely based on the amount of treasures in your kingdom."

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