Feedback iOS Beta Test - New Map

  • Dear players,

    as announced here iOS Map Beta Test v.1.9-0

    this is the dedicated thread for you to provide us with feedback about the iOS beta testing.

    If you have an android phone, please go to this thread: Android Map Beta Test v.1.4-0

    When joining the beta test, you will see the new map on any game world you are playing on. Exception: the menhir 2.0 map features that we are currently testing withing the closed test game round are not yet visible.

    Please share:

    • The device name
    • The OS version
    • Descriptions and screenshots

    The focus on this test is on the map. Check out the tactical map, tab two times for zooming, use the long press menu and try marking fields and players.

    Here are some sneak peeks so that you'll get a feeling for how the new map should look like:

    iOS_New_Map_Tactical.PNGiOS_New_Map_marked fields.jpg

    We'd like to hear from you :)

    Your Travian Kingdoms Team

    bbash-tada Community Communications Manager bbash-partyhat

  • По двойному тапу по карте идет приближение. Если повторить двойной тап - карта двигается. Лучше реализовать максимальное приближение к карте по двойному тапу, если человеку нужно будет отдалить, то можно сделать это обычным щипком.

    Другие проблемы:

    При открытии здания, которое уже улучшается нет возможности прокрутки информации ниже. Кнопка "Добавить в очередь на строительство" видна только на половину.

    Проблема отображения на Retina экране. Шрифты расплывчатые, мутные. Та же проблема на iMac 27'.

    Картинка капюшона в тайном сообществе в низком качестве.

    Если открыть в очереди постройки улучшение и спрятать очередь улучшения - плашка с временем остается открытой. Нужно сделать, чтобы она автоматически скрывалась.

    iPhone 5s - iOS 12.4.5

    [Edit by Mod: Google translation]

    On a double tap on the map there is an approximation. If you repeat double tap - the card moves. It is better to realize the maximum approximation to the map in double tap, if a person needs to move away, then you can do this with the usual pinch.

    Other problems:

    When you open a building that is already improving, there is no way to scroll through the information below. The Add to Construction Queue button is only half visible.

    Display problem on Retina screen. Fonts are vague, muddy. Same problem on iMac 27 '.

    Hood picture in a secret community in low quality.

    If you open the improvement line in the construction line and hide the improvement line, the die remains open over time. It must be done so that it automatically hides.

  • La verdad es que se ve muy bien. Cuando haces doble tap se hace zoom al máximo centrando el mapa en la aldea o el trreno sobre el que has presionado. Las transiciones entre las diferentes escalas del zoom son muy buenas visualmente. El mapa, en su escala mas pequeña, se ve bastante bien, comparado a lo que era verlo anteriormente. Los menús funcionan bien cuando pides un informe sobre una aldea, marcas un jugador, o envias un ataque.

    Lo único que no me gusta es que, es que los colores de los límites de los reinos no destaca mucho sobre el color del própio terreno. En la web, parece mas ancha la línea y se ve mejor que en el mapa. La trama de colores ha mejorado respecto a la simplificación que se hacía antes, que el naranja era un amarillo directamente, y ahora muestra las mismas cualidades cromáticas en ambos mapas.

    Muchas gracias.

    Edit by Georgi (Google translated)

    The truth is that it looks great. When you double tap it zooms to the maximum by centering the map on the village or the ground on which you have pressed. The transitions between the different zoom scales are very good visually. The map, on its smallest scale, looks pretty good, compared to what it was like to see it before. The menus work well when you ask for a report about a village, make a player, or send an attack.

    The only thing I do not like is that, is that the colors of the boundaries of the kingdoms do not stand out much about the color of the land itself. On the web, the line seems wider and looks better than on the map. The color scheme has improved with respect to the simplification that was done before, that orange was a yellow directly, and now shows the same chromatic qualities in both maps.

    Thank you.

  • I think its great that there is focus on the Mobile APP.

    but IMHO the map is the least of the problems on mobile.

    the general layout of the interface is close to unusable.

    I have a few years working in Mobile programming, and i know a good interface is the key for solid app.

    there are even multiple functions in the WEB version that you are unable to do in the Mobile.

    * Dailies Card lottery.

    * Send Merchants to other cites from Marketplace. "drop down with list is missing"

    i could go on for a while..

    but the thing that i think is most important to change is the view for everything.

    the "page" with arrows to the next menu, is so counter-intuitive, i find my self giving up using the mobile app for anything else then building que.

    and wait til i get home to the PC.

    i hope the beta version of mobile app is going to address the issues of they interface.

    and fell free to contact me if you want any good ideas for improvements.

  • Feedback from a German Player:

    Also aufm Iphone 6S läuft es echt wesentlich besser auch wenn es halt noch einige Beta Bugs hat aber freue mich schon auf das Endprodukt vor allem im Sommer wenn man wieder oft unterwegs ist


    So on the Iphone 6S it really runs much better even if it still has some beta bugs but I'm looking forward to the final product especially in summer when you're often on the road

  • Bonjour,

    Iphone 6S iOS 13.3.1

    Apres avoir testé. Quand je lance la carte ca prend moins d'une seconde a affiché la carte (1 fois sur 20 ca prend plus d"une seconde) Quand je double tap ca déplace la carte. Le marquage des joueurs, royaumes et vallées fonctionne.

    and IPad ios 10.3.3

    l'application ne fonctionne pas sur l'iPad alors que la version non testé fonctionne.

    sur un oasis


    Sur mon village


    image4.png   image6.png  image5.png

    Le rendu est pas mal et assez facile a faire. Meilleur visibilité de la carte.

    Par contre mon roi a mi des repère sur la carte (des marqueurs sur une parcelle pour réserver la zone d'un deuxième village.) et sur la carte depuis l'iPhone on ne le voit pas

    J'ai aussi un soucis pour les enchères. Les armes sont mal décrites. (je sais ce n'est pas le sujet)

    Baton du Druide -> Pour chaque Equites Imperatoris: +6 en attaque et +6 en défense. +450 force pour votre héro.

    Pointe de Phalange -> Pour chaque légionnaire: +3 en attaque et +3 en défense. +400 force pour votre héro.

    image1.png        image0.png

  • Hola!

    La verdad que se ve genial y es muy mas fácil de mover-se por el mapa, se ve muy bien los diferentes reinos, y lo que mas me gusta es que puedo ver mas claramente las señales que pongo en las aldeas y reinos, como si fuera en el PC.

    También tiene un funcionamiento muy rápido para abrir y cerrar las fichas cuando señalas las aldeas. No se queda tan colgado como la anterior app.

    Muchas gracias!:thumbsup:

  • From what I have played on my 11 pro max which should run most apps great, the older version was so tedious and I couldn’t properly access the game whilst at work. With the update I can more comfortably and happily play with smoother interface and less lag times. Great update to the app, keep making the app better for those on the go as it is a big part of some people’s gameplay.

  • Another Feedback from a German Player:

    Translated with Translator:

    So the map is really better than before. You can distinguish the kingdoms better and your own villages stay better in view. It also runs a bit more fluently than before.

    It's a pity that you still can't post a battle or scout report via app. So I always have to go to the computer when I want to post a report to my king.

    Another problem is that the map does not show me which village in the kingdom is under attack.

    Otherwise the app is not bad. Only the two points mentioned would be important.