v.0.95: Relocation Overhaul – Part II – The Menhir Era 2.0

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    Dear players,

    Once the next game worlds start, the menhir era 2.0 will have arrived across the board.
    We will then release the second and final part of the relocation overhaul.

    In November 2019, we already rolled out the first key change, the mist, on new game worlds. [Relocation overhaul - Part I - The Mist]

    1. The area around the Wonders of the World

    The misty area around the Wonders of the World (WW) indicate that it's not possible to relocate too close to them. Size: 13² map tiles = a square with a radius of 7 fields around the WW tile.

    Now, the next two key changes that we discussed with you here: [Discussion] Relocation Overhaul – Menhir Era 2.0 will be part of new game worlds that start.

    Rules for own and foreign troops

    Reservation and cool-down phase

    We've taken your feedback on board and adjusted the original concept accordingly. You'll find an explanation of relocations in the in-game help section "Villages > Relocation".

    Rules for own and foreign troops

    By "own troops", we mean the troops of the player who wants to relocate.

    • Own troops are only allowed to be stationed or incoming -> no outgoing troop movements
    • No foreign troops are allowed in the relocating village -> incoming reinforcements and espionage are canceled automatically
    • Incoming attacks will hit the relocating village before the relocation.

    If there are no incoming attacks, you'll be able to relocate straight away. A confirmation window will appear for automatically sending and calling back troops.

    If there are incoming attacks, you'll be able to reserve a relocation for after the battle.

    Reservation and cool-down phase

    We don't want new players to suffer from the troop rules. Especially when a village is on a farm list, it would be very hard to join another kingdom. That's why there is the option to reserve a relocation for right after the last current incoming attack hits.

    As soon as you no longer have any outgoing troops, you'll be able to accept a relocation reservation. Stationed troops will stay until the actual relocation happens. In addition, own troops cannot be sent out. A reservation can be canceled until half of the countdown time has passed.

    After the automated relocation, you will face a cool-down phase of 12 hours, during which you can't attack but can be attacked, although not by members of the newly joined kingdom. Even Natarian villages and oases are excluded. The only exception to this rule: You can attack robbers, camps and hideouts.

    We will keep:

    • Relocated villages will be deleted from farm lists.
    • The resources fields will be at level 0 in the new village and as compensation, the player will have piles of resources in the hero inventory.
    • Players can only relocate with one village.
    • 15 and 9-crop fields are excluded from relocation.
    • No relocation within the mist
    • No relocation after WW level 50
    • You don't need to be in another kingdom or kingdomless

    There are too many players that have a hard time finding an active team right from the start. That's why we won't restrict the number of possible relocations or bind it to beginner's protection.

    Additionally, we've included the following improvements and bug fixes in this game version:

    •          Misty village: Zooming from the misty resource field view into the village is now possible, like with any other village.
    •          Robber hideouts: After relocation, robber hideouts won't spawn straight away anymore.
    •          Defense ranking: To make the defense ranking fairer, we won't count points anymore when defending inactive, gray villages.
    •          Marketplace: In the "Buy" tab, you'll see how many merchants you'll need in order to accept an offer.
    •          Exchange office: The exchange limit of 499 Gold in a single transaction is now also properly implemented on the app.
    •          Robber camps bounty: We've increased the minimum amount of stolen goods in robber camps. Every first wave will have at least three and every last wave will have at least one stolen good to capture.
    •          Every last grain: This achievement and its 0-crop challenge now excludes decimal numbers <1.
    • Sometimes, when the vice king stepped up to become king, their map influence was miscalculated. This has now been fixed.
    • One-on-one chats with deleted players can now be closed.
    • Some smaller bug fixes regarding relocation have been implemented.

    We are looking forward to read your feedback.

    Have a good time playing,

    Your Travian Kingdoms Team

  • "Defense ranking: To make the defense ranking fairer, we won't count points anymore when defending inactive, gray villages."

    Is there anyway we can detect spikers from now on?

  • We know about 2 types of spiking grey villages. One for def points (small players), the other one for killing enemies off troops. (organized kingdoms)
    This change will get rid of the first group, but not second. And the second group can now go without the fear of being detected. If you want to stop defend grey villages, solution should be the same as in natarian villages. Automatically send reinforcements back.

  • Before someone gave an idea that it could show name of person reinforcing grey villages. That would be a great. Anyway I would like to keep some kind of tool to community to detect spikers. It is a bit hard tell if this is an improment or if it will go wrong. Because from now on there is possibility put king or duke size deffs on inactives without having a bad reputation to kingdom doing that.

  • I would ask that if you have your own incoming troops from bandage healing ... a button will be placed if you want to kill them or wait. Because it has happened to me to delay my relocation movement for 12 hours on this issue. It is not logical to delay the location and evolution of a player by waiting for a troop 12 hours. (or 24 on a 1x speed server). Unless you have the possibility to choose. (in the same way that happens with the troops trapped in the trapper).

    Thank you

  • "Defense ranking: To make the defense ranking fairer, we won't count points anymore when defending inactive, gray villages."

    Is there anyway we can detect spikers from now on?

    Voting for the question. Players should have a way to detect who is spiking.

    If you want to stop defend grey villages, solution should be the same as in natarian villages. Automatically send reinforcements back.

    Not sure that this is a right idea. Def of gray is a style of war. I dont like this style, but I found it appropriate

  • "Defense ranking: To make the defense ranking fairer, we won't count points anymore when defending inactive, gray villages."

    Bad change. There needs to be a way to detect spikers. Having it as the defence rankings means we can work it out.
    Unless you feel like creating a notoriety stat accumulates based on spiked villages...and whatever else is seen as rude and against Travian etiquette, we need a stat to track these people.
    Or do as legends, can't defend anything not an ally (I don't like this either).

    If you want to stop spiking there is one good way to do it. Don't let people defend greys. Anything else is going to be a bad move.

  • "Defense ranking: To make the defense ranking fairer, we won't count points anymore when defending inactive, gray villages."

    Maybe we can use something like - the guy who is defending grey village will receive 2x or even 3x less deff points. Second idea - increase crop consumption in grey villages 2-3 times (for reinforcement). It will be possible to make them starve. It is frustrating as hell, but without def points at all there will be no solution to determine who is the defender.

  • Stupid feature. Waiting a solid 6 hours after my last menhir for new robbers. This is just too long. Some team mates are already working on their 6th camps. #PissesMeOff

    Stupid feature. Waiting a solid 6 hours after my last menhir for new robbers. This is just too long. Some team mates are already working on their 6th camps. #PissesMeOff

    Make it 12 hours, still no robbers. :cursing:

    Some things are better left unsaid.

    Which I generally realize right after I have said them.

  • How many times did you relocate?
    On all game worlds I've played since this update I've relocated 1x and had robbers spawn 4 hours after the relocation.

    I did not fully clear any of the robbers before relocating.

  • what happens to the troops that are marching back to town? because i never had menhir . .. and i dont know, for example i have some troops coming back in 5h what happens if i menhir on the other side of the map?

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