Best tribe to start

  • Gauls- easy for beginners and especially if you like to play defensive or dont have much time to play.

    Once you get the hang of the game you can try the Raid Kings, the Teutons Or the Strong Romans.

  • Probably gauls, their trappers, larger crannys and universal-def-phalanx are really beginnerfriendly. More importantly, try to make yourself a "my first round will be for learning"-mindset, because Kingdoms is quite complex and after playing for a while you will see many potential to improve your next round greatly. Improving yourself is part of the fun (and also making a guide that tells you perfectly what to do in every situation would probably be larger than the library of alexandria. :p)

    Upgrading: In the best case you find a kingdom that invites you, then you can firstly focus on infrastructure (fields, sawmill, brick yard, etc.) and get help in case of attacks. If you're on your own, it's mandatory to build crannies and trappers (and traps) at some point to repell attackers.

    Infrastructure focus: Go according to the quests. In general, you want to upgrade each field to level X before upgrading the first one further. The quest rewards are high enough to make an exception though. If you build the first field to level 10, you want to build the appropriate booster to level 3 (wood: sawmill, clay: brick yard, iron: iron foundry, crop: grain mill and bakery). Crop is special: You unlock the grain mill at your first field at level 5, but want to build it to level 2 at first only. Then, when the first field is level 10, you build the mill to level 5 and the bakery to level 3.

    [Note: The very best optimal building order is a bit more complicated, but for starters this will definitely be good enough!]

    Build warehouse/granary/main building as required, such that nothing overflows while you're away. You should, even on a infrastructure focus, build a few crannys, such that a good portion of your warehouse is protected. If you feel the trapper is cheap, you can build one and upgrade it every once in a while, when you feel like it.

    Repell focus: Upgrade your crannies first before upgrading warehouse, such that the cranny size is always 25% higher than the warehouse/granary size (hm, not 100% sure if it was 25%, but there's a hero item that may cause an attack to ignore a portion of the cranny - that's why cranny size must be higher). Build your wall and residence a few levels to cause attacks from farmlists to hurt (level until it gets expensive, don't put all resources into it, because you need to rebuild it, if it gets destroyed). If you can afford it, build a trapper and traps [note the difference in wording: If you can afford it vs. if you feel it's cheap from before].

    But even on a repell focus, keep an eye on your production and level your fields well. More fields => More resources => More fields and more repelling.

    If you're starting to build your first fields to level 10 and don't get attacked, you can prepare to found a 2nd village. Build a residence level 1 to do so and follow the quests (residence 1, residence 5, 3 settlers, found new village are the quests' objectives).

    Also, if you're in a kingdom, don't be shy and ask your co-members for help and advise. Pretty much every kingdom has a few guys who are patient and willing to help new players. :)