Travian Kingdom is dying under our watch

  • I find it funny this post is created to (partially) rant about cheating mechanics, while the topic opener also has a hand of doing questionable things.

    All cheating is bad - multies, bots, scrips, pw sharing ( right pirex ? :) ) - however it seems like travian doesnt have the capacity nor the tools to do anything about it and all cheaters have free play as long they play it well.

    See attachment for proof

  • You will put the final kill stroke / death knell to Kingdoms if you limit kingdom size before fixing multi-accounting and bots. Kingdom servers are already almost too small. I miss the huge maps and long servers. I played the 200k player server in the beginning of Legends...what chaos and so much fun.

  • travain is dying!

    So bloody quick to take your money.

    So quick to ban the wrong people for the wrong reasons. Other players are aggressive, offensive, multi accounting and using bots to farm. I am banned now twice for no reason, first time took 41hours to reply, so far I'm 20 hours for this time! Yet I have seen certain other players get restrictions lifted within an hour for very harsh verbal behaviours. I think MH are starting favoritism, maybe taking back handers! Never had this shit before in travian! Now they take more money from you for less fun, travian is losing it way!

    Rant over!

  • Shardrox i seen your post about 'Evidence' - that answer from Georgi as a text book script answer, they only dont show you proof when they get it wrong, to screen grab your message showing you sent it and when does not break data rules, i know this for fact because i do with these rules in my real life work :P

  • Hi guys,

    LMAO someone made a facebook page for selling multi accounts,

    thank you for bringing this to our attention!
    I believe this is already known but will make sure it is forwarded to the responsible people so that the appropriate actions can be taken.
    Please don't hesitate to let us know any time if you notice other similar offers!

    We appreciate everyone's help in keeping the game as fair as possible and are constantly working on improving our systems and workflows to ensure the fair game play and equal playing field for everyone.

    Every single rule violation report helps and we appreciate your commitment.

    Cruxtonia#EN as explained in the other thread, we are never allowed to share any of the evidence and that's why we don't do that, regardless of the specifics of the case. I'm curious as to why do you think we share proof in any situation.

    I have collected your feedback from this thread and it'll be considered moving forward. Thank you for helping us improve!

    Kind regards