9C Capital Building guide

  • Hey there, I just recently started Travian. I just got my V2 now its a 9-3-3-3. My question is which buildings should I exclude in my Capital? is it worth to have a workshop? or should I maybe build all the buildings ? I heard that in the capital some buildings must never be built which one are they ?

    Thanks in advance :)

  • Depends if u are king/duke/gov and if u go off/def and what tribe are you playing with.
    cranny is something u can build early if near enemy territory but u can always demolish them for more buildingspace

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    There are many experienced players and great strategists in our community so I hope some of them will soon stop by and share their thoughts but what I can advise you is to first decide on what would you like to focus on during this game round, which will in turn affect your building setup.
    For example if you're aiming to create a big army from your capital which you can later use against an enemy wonder of the world you'd want to build all the military buildings(eg. workshop, great stables, etc.).
    Likewise, if you're playing defensively and would like to mainly help your kingdom defend against enemies, you wouldn't need a workshop for that. Hope this gives you some sort of direction for now, or at least until someone else shares their thoughts :)

    P.S. Here's a link to our guides section where you can find many interesting strategies: Guides

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  • I also want to ask should I build a palace in my capital or just lvl 1 palace demolish it and then lvl 10 residence to have a cheaper slot and settle easier my V3 ?

    Meaning that I would play the whole game without palace, is it worth it ?

  • I would suggest building your Palace in your 9c, and make it your capital and a city as soon as possible.

    Reasons being are; Palace has 3 slots available to build expansions from.

    ~ Unlimited fields...which help with any crop issues in the future, especially in a 9c.

    ~ Making your capital a city as early as possible grants a bonus +500 CP income as opposed to the +200 from other cities

    Now while it is cheaper to build residence......you WILL want your 9c to be your capital.....so Palace is the choice......UNLESS you plan to target a 15c as your third village with the intent on making THAT your capital.

  • what if I make my 9C a capital but after that demolish the palace and build a residence this way it still is my capital but I'll benefit from a cheaper slot to v3 is this a good plan or should I just stick with upgrading the palace ?

  • You can build a palace then make it to your capital then demolish palace and build a residence. yes it stay your capital. but then you can only build 2 chiefs.

    But you can build the palace in another village and build there 3 chiefs without moving your capital.

  • Hello again Guys, currently Sitting at the top 3 players in a server, however i'm very confused, i now have 3 Villages and can have the fourth one in 3 days, should i make a V4 or upgrade V2 to a city? ( my Capital is already a City). So the main question is Should i uprgade to City only my Capital? or other Villages aswell? is it worth it in terms of CP or more Villages will give more CP? My goal is to produce as much CP as possible.

  • If your goal is to produce more CP........than a new village is far better in that respect than a city......a city just adds a flat 200 CP .....a new village can achieve far more CP income.

  • Can you also explain the advantages to upgrading to a city ? Should i play the whole server with just one city then ? Also What Would you advise me to do in terms of City and Villages ?

  • A city gives less CP over all than a new village.....and slightly less resources.

    Having cities or new villages is a play-style decision.......If you do not care about CP or expansion cities will help in terms of less villages to focus on making it easier to plan out village uses (offensive/defensive/support)

    Conversely....more new villages means more CP income....but more time needed to build and develop these villages.

    Again....its a play-style choice