Robber Camps

  • Wiki - "If a robber’s camp hasn’t been attacked successfully for a set period of time, it will take the initiative and attack surrounding villages itself."

    Why are the camp robbers also attacking those who have already attacked the camp?

    I propose:

    The camps only attack those who have not yet attacked them.


    When there is no player from the kingdom who did not attack the camps at a distance of 20 boxes, the camps attack the nearest treasury, and the owner of the treasury can respond with an attack on the camp even as he attacked the camp.

  • If you want to look at it from a real life stand point..........If i were the leader of a robber camp....and some nearby village raided me while i was sleeping or away......I would certainly be looking for some revenge. conversely....I would also be looking to target a village that didnt look like it had troops to defend (or that didnt attack).

  • You're right. Therefore, the king and the nearest duke should be able to attack the camp of the attacking robbers because his duty is to protect governors. Even when they were already attacking the camp.

    King and prince can do it, but only once in one camp ...

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  • Yes...the King and Duke can already attack robber camps.....but only once per camp........allowing the King and Duke to attack a camp multiple times opens up a whole new can of worms in terms of exploits that this game doesnt need.

    Bottom line, i think robber camps are fine in how they work........Travian has far more important bugs/exploits and issues to focus on first.

  • I write about the situation when there are no willing to attack and robbers from the camp are attacking those who have already attacked. They can only bet deff instead of retaliating.

    Another solution to the dispute is the method I wrote in 1 post: bandits from the camp only attack accounts that did not attack them (because and why attack someone who comes with a retort?).