Hero Level After 100

  • As we all know,our hero's attributes will stuck at lvl 100.

    After level 100,our hero will be the same as lvl 100 even we reach level 150 or 200.Only thing changes at ranking at "The greatest heroes".

    So my suggestion is that after lvl 100,for each level we gain,automaticly +x Fighting strength can be added to our hero.

    By this way we can use our hero better at defence or attack.

    Thank you for your reading.

    Have a nice game.

  • My opinion is that if you have a hero level 100 with 8320 strength exactly (without items) and you army is, imagine for a small ghost hammer only like EI's for example the calculation looks like that :

    15k EI's are, without smithy, equal at 120 attack strength so :

    • 15K Ei's * 120 = 1.800.000 attack strength

    result of the gain in % of attack strength actually already without the upgrade you mean :

    • 1.800.000 / 8320 = 216 so the strength of your hero is equal at 0.46% actually :D

    So we can calculate for a level 200 :

    Related infos : first point give you 400, after it is 80 per points so we could calculate a level 200 (200 points of strength) are exactly :

    • 400 + (80*199) = 16320 str
    • 15K EI's = 1.800.000

    Result of strength gained in %

    • 16320 hero strength for 1.800.000 strength Ghost army = 0.91% gained

    Just an example so imagine for an entire decent army :D

    In my calculation I calculated for 200 points of strength, because you gave no infos about your expectations, or even gave us how much you think it could be decent so I calculated that for a level 100 it's 100 points because it is 20*4 points (level 20 you have 100 points if you upgrade only the str) so for level 200 it should be the same added.

    So, sorry for the big text but I believe that some other stuffs could improve the game more efficiently than add less than a single % for gain strength.

    Except if you want attacks with your hero alone but a Rally Point mounted at level 2 could see you coming, even if the hero is fast it's relatively easy to stop a 16k str in my honest opinion :D Especially when your hero is at level 100+, normally players have some troops available ^^

    To be clear about my last sentence (you attack part with hero alone) :

    • Hero 16k str against 1K phalanx could kill 180 of them without wall

    Here the simulator screenshot

    My calculation could be false somewhere, but honestly I don't think so, otherwise just correct me :)