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  • Hi , I am Rubin a king on COM2. Now that i have settled my second village i would like to activating my second treasury there, but its denied. What shut i do to activating my treasury? I already have 2 dukes.



  • Do your 2 Dukes have an active treasury? Do you have the necessary treasures required to open another treasury?

    You cannot open another treasury until after your 2 Dukes have theirs active.....along with having the necessary treasures required to do so.

  • I am a governor. In my kingdom, there are 2 dukes and 1 king with active treasuries each.

    Should i build a hidden treasury? If so for what use?

    Will I be able to activate it? If so, what does it do?

  • The hidden treasury for a governor just protects a very small amount of tributes in your village.

    Not worth it for a governor.....hidden treasury is expensive for what it actually does....better to just raid yourself for those tributes...and build crannies if your worried about incoming raids

    As a governor you will not be able to activate it....unless you become Duke....or King.

  • Ok then.

    A few more facts to be clarified.

    1. My ally was attacked by an enemy with his hero. The enemy was able to loot resources along with 44 treasures. So how did my friend make treasures in the first place? If it is generated how to increase treasure production?

    2. I attacked my own village along with my hero and I raided 1 treasure. So how to know how many treasures I have in a village?

    Few extra info, if this might help.

    My friend's village and the village which I attacked myself are situated outside kingdom borders.

  • @Element
    1. Your friend sold stolen goods(from robber hideouts/camps) or stole those from another player.
    2. I guess that you sold 1 stolen good when that village was active. You can scout your own village with 1 scout and choose "Scout resources and troops" option. that way you can see how many treasures you have in that particular village or if that village is within kingdom borders and you are part of some kingdom you can see it by hovering your mouse above that tribute bar.

    When you sell stolen goods it becomes treasure and cannot be sold again.