When someone gets banned and they ask for Evidence -

  • Hi Shardrox,

    due to security reasons and in accordance with our policy we are unable to share any of the gathered evidence. Please understand that doing so may compromise our detection systems and methods for the future.
    We can only state which game rule has been broken and have the ban rechecked by another person in case of doubt but sadly we can't share what exactly has been detected and how.
    However, I assure you that nobody gets banned without solid proof of rule violation. Should anybody have doubts about their punishment, please don't hesitate to explain the situation and all the appropriate measures will be taken to make sure everything is resolved fairly.

    Ingame punishments are not to be discussed on the forums so I'm closing this thread but please do not hesitate to submit a complaint via the Help Center should you feel banned unfairly. We'll happily take another look and investigate over again as we also wouldn't like anybody to be sanctioned unfairly.

    Best regards