Premium "safe" server

  • Server with limited access.

    People with low prestige can't participate.

    People who have been banned without getting unbanned at at any server are also can't participate.

    People with accounts that are being ran for over 80% of play time by sitters are also can't participate.

    Basically this ensures that almost no multis will participate.

    Finally another (additional) option would be to have a small registration fee. You get the registration fee back in the form of gold. Basically you just have to spend 5€ on gold to participate.
    I think this will help against the multis that just serve to feed a main account.
    An alternative would be to only have accounts sign up that have bought gold in the past.

    In any case. A game round focused on denying multis.

  • I would love one without Arabs, they have taken over the com3x3 server with more then 300 people most of the Kingdoms are theirs or Russians. It disgusts me. A GM from Travian inside the game playing with us might staunch that crap from occuring so much, people come in with premade teams of 200 to 300 ruins the server and upsets the game balance. No one can start a Kingdom because of them because no one will join a new Kingdom because of them!