How to get better at raiding.

  • Hello guys,

    I am not a guy that makes forums posts, so excuse me in advance for any mistakes etc. :)

    I have been searching everywhere(internet,TK forums...) for a good/strong farming guide especially for early-mid game. I found some basic informations/suggestions but i feel they are not enough so i thought i should give it a try making a post here.

    I dare to say that i am a bit "experienced" but probably not enough, so any ideas/advices/suggestions everything on how to improve as a raider/farmer are appreciated.

    Usefull infos:

    I am a Teuton Governor.

    Thanks in advance for your time and your help!


  • I have had a bit of experience being top 10 raider early/mid game as I have always lost interest before late game :D

    I'm not a master raider, but I had some great experience and was taught a few good tips by some old pros in t3 that I shared accounts with.

    It's quite basic to become a good raider, it's just thinking about whats a good outcome.

    Little things like, maximise loot and minimise loss. You don't want many losses even if it comes close to even for resource lost and resource gained because you lose portion of your army and TIME is a giant factor in travian when you always try to remake your army. The more army you have, the more you can loot lol. For example, you're X weeks into the server and you have 5000 troops, but imagine you had 8000 troops but you sacrificed small portions of your army all the time, it could be the difference of finishing off some smaller players or not being able to because you wasted troops. Travian is basically a game of maths and politics, you want to maximise your numbers and not waste any lol.

    In early stages as soon as you come out of BP and you're ready to raid, get a fair few scouts so that you can constantly be searching for new opportunities to farm and the more you scout with the less chance you will lose scouts and you won't have to spend resource for more, remember, don't sacrifice troops early game. Always rescout after a few hours to make sure they haven't been reinforced, etc.

    Let's say some of your farms are drying up. You should already have a pretty big inactive farm list and if not you should be adding all the inactives within 50x50 every day (or bigger search area if you have giant army to feed) because you should never have troops just sitting at home eating all your crop unless you have good reason for them to do so. Even if you're only grabbing 10 resource every 100 raids, at least you are paying for their upkeep.

    So yeah, tl'dr:

    -Be proactive, always on the search for new hits

    -Maximise profit, MINIMISE loss

    -Being active is obviously super important

    -Never leave your troops doing nothing even if they're hitting inactives all the time while finding new farms

  • Keep your farm lists updated.....daily if possible......there are always new inactives daily...I always scout new they may not be clean.

    Keep sending out your farm list every few hours....paying attention to villages that come back with yellow or especially red reports.

  • Or do like i did a couple servers ago on comx:

    -Look for inactives over 100 pop

    -Reinforce them and wait for the resources to pile up(don't forget to send scouts too)

    -Send raids to each reinforced inactive and retreat your defense a few minutes before they hit

    I was doing it with about 50-60 big enough inactives to matter and i was top raider(top 1-3) for a few weeks until i got bored :)

    It's even easier now that killing troops in inactive villages don't give def points..nobody knows what a douchebag you are :D:D

  • What is the ideal number, i mean like every 1hour,2hours etc?

    Accord that requires a larger amount of def troops aswell. I do not think i can afforf that, but it sounds really clever.

    You'll get a feeling as of how often you should send troops.You can time scouts before your raiding party hits for eg.I got to the point i knew each of my reinforced farms..i missed them when they were automatically deleted :) But most of the time i'd do it twice a day-that's every 10-12 hours .It's not easy to reinforce 50 inactive and monitor them...

    Oh,and i forgot to mention the main thing:i was 95% defense.Like ,only 1k TTs per every 50k phalanxes/druids.I started with 10k phalanxes and in 3 weeks i got to 300k phalanxes+druids and 5k TTs.I was training phalanxes in lvl 20 barracks in 9 villages 24/24(as a side effect,i also got to be no.1 by population).Lots of people hated me but nobody wanted to risk losing a couple hammers over it.

    Also i was buying a 700 gold pack every other day.Spent like 400 euros or more on that server.But it was so much fun :D

    That's guaranteed income and you get to piss off sooo many people.And i was alone,imagine doing it with a bunch of friends.

  • Hello Umbre!

    Thanks for your insights and advice, really appreciate that!

    May i ask what do you sugget?

    Is it better to have more farms and send less often or not that many farms and send more regularly?

    It all depends, sometimes you spawn in a lucky spot from the get go. Sometimes you have to build big army while farming inactives giving less experienced players time to grow before you start to farm them.

    Sometimes you have to broaden your horizon and farm further away.

    I would prefer to farm medium size players while always scouting to make sure they aren't reinforce. Sometimes they get help from kingdom or they build crannies. Then you move on to next player or catapult crannies.

    After a few servers of mistakes you begin to not make as many mistakes any more. It's about risk and learning through playing.

  • Teuton is great farmer, but I like Gaul because you can hit anyone before they generally even realise and its too quick for their Kingdom to send help (I was top 5 raider in second week during last com2x3 as Jogor but i left after a few weeks).

    If you also need to farm further away because there is nothing around you it works well because obviously they are quick.