Big Birthday Bash: Specials for you!

  • BBash_Celebration2020_day.jpg
    Dear players,

    The new Big Birthday Bash will start in May. Of course, we will also come up with some specials for you. Today we'll present you some of them.

    If you fight hard during the day, you should also have the opportunity to celebrate big-style at night. That's why we've taken some precautions, and a speed world with night truce will await you. So you can have a drink or sleep peacefully without having to worry about your villages. This was very frequently requested and a big wish from you(x3 Night Truce) so we're happy to announce it.

    And naturally, this special world also includes achievements:

    • All players who actively celebrate the Big Birthday Bash with us will receive a special achievement.
    • No party is fun alone, so you'll have the opportunity to unlock new achievements for everyone as a team!

    And that's not all... but the rest is yet to be revealed.

    Do you have any thoughts about what else could be waiting for you? We are curious to hear your ideas.

    Kind regards,

    Your Travian Kingdoms Team

  • Hi everyone,

    today the bbash game worlds have been updated without any downtime and the following issues should be fixed:

    • Map: Field/system/messages couldn't get close
    • Stolen goods: Goods only arrive at the hero's home town

    Should you still experience any of these, please refresh the page, clear your browser's cache and cookies and let us know if the issue still persists via our Help Center.

    Best regards