Kingdom's influence on oasis (Solved)

  • If an oasis is at the border of 2 kingdoms, according to Travian Kingdoms Wiki, following rule should apply:

    If an oasis is located within your kingdom or borders it, you can occupy it with troops and conquer it thereby. In wild oases, all animals need to be defeated first. Occupied oases always belong to the kingdom that has the most troops stationed in them.

    Is that still true? Cause i have proof that this is not the case. any explanation?

  • Well, like i said, I have proof that it is not true, so here it is:

    In the first picture you can see, that the oasis (7|-54) is bordering my kingdom (In yellow) and another kingdom (In white "Chimera"). I have assigned it in my embassy (and my village ki-61 is in the top spot for influence) and have sent 1 troop as an example (have tried it with thousands of troops aswell).
    From the second picture you can see my scout report of that oasis minutes ago, where it shows that there is only 1 troop (my troop) in that oasis.
    And the oasis still belongs to Chimera. Why so?

  • This is a little tricky to explain but i will do my best.....

    First off.....have you tried conquering it with your Hero?

    Secondly.....if your Kingdom borders extend to a certain point.....and there is an oasis touching your kingdom borders.....your kingdom can conquer that oasis....if there is another oasis touching that first one you can then conquer that one.....but only 2 squares from the original kingdom border........but that isnt what is going on here.

    I think simply put......its either you havent tried to conquer the village with your Hero.....or that village next to the robber hideout is "blocking" your access to it

  • Can't it just be some kind of lag or delay? I've seen oasis behave strangely when kingdoms deactivate their treasuries and activate them in other spots, oases have no point of contact with their new treasury, but remains in their control for a long time.

  • Unlikely.....If a Kingdom owns an oasis when they deactivate their treasury....the oasis will remain theirs until another nearby Kingdom conquers it.....or if there are no troops in it....until the nature animals re-conquer it.

    The only delay would be if you have not refreshed your browser.....that can happen if an oasis changes hands.

  • SacredLegend You are a king! Your assumption was correct, even though the oasis had 0 troops of any kingdom in it, attacking it with my hero did the trick.
    It would be nice if they added such info in the Wiki.

    On the right you can see the "attack" on noone,

    On the left you can see the results :)