How to Steal Treasures from Kings and What is the Benefit of a Hidden Treasury

  • I am a governor and i have just attacked a king in a rival kingdom (who has 8 treasures) with my hero and a bunch of troops. However, i have managed to steal any of his treasures. Why is this?

    Could it be due to their treasury (I do not understand how treasuries work) or can governors not steal treasures from kings?

    On a similar note, what is the benefit of a governor building a hidden treasury? The wiki seems to give very little guidance on how treasuries and hidden treasuries work.

  • Hidden treasuries for a governor are used to protect a small amount of treasures (not sure how much), and the villages tributes depending on how high the hidden treasury is leveled

    Though for is a very expensive way to safeguard those.

    Most people just raid their own village to collect tributes and any treasures there

    Secondly when you are attacking a King.....and NOT bringing catapults to knock down the only steal 1/3 of the treasures......if you didnt get any from him it is possible he moved them or someone else got there first.