• Hello folks,

    We have been in the COM1 game world as a Turkish kingdom called UNKNOWN.We had a fun experience for both ourselves and our competitors by fighting from the beginning to the end of the server.In this server,we will show up as an international kingdom with changes in our staff and improvement in our style.We will strive to have fun with minimum diplomacy by taking every opportunity to fight.You can follow our story in this title.We wish everyone a good time on this page where there will be a lot of reports and occasional analyzes.Finally, good luck to other kingdoms joining the server.

  • Lets get this thread running already...

    I will start with first 40 days...

    First of all, I want to thank all UNTOLD Members, who made this kingdom in to its place. That was an idea, we brought life on our previous experience on Com1 as UNKNOWN. I hope we will continue our journey with the same passion.

    Also, I want to thanks our enemies which we fought. They put effort on the game too.

    And for last part, I want to say good luck to every team. I am sure that we will meet in the battle.

    Our journey started as soon as server started, since we weren't sure where we settle, we seek where we could get more croppers, so we went on the 50/0... And our members who would get croppers fast settled accordingly... Originally we wanted to create a 70-80 people kingdom, but on the last day there were many players that we didn't expect to see, so instead we become more like on 90-95 band. But that was not all, many players wanted to join us, but this would turn us to by far the biggest kingdom on the server, like 150 maybe 180 people in order to limit this increase and be more competitive we needed to reject them, I am sorry, I would like everybody to be a part of this kingdom.But this would be againts our ideals.

    As soon we had a clear picture of the map, in order to dominate the area and get many treasures as possible we took some offensive action ;

    we named it Here We Go Again which was on 04/30/2020

    We took 1600 treasures form this operation. But apart from treasures it gave us confidence to create new farms. But this area were highly populated so we moved on our second operation :

    on 03/05/2020 we started our second action which we called Don't Touch Him (since they were attacking one of our members )

    We went to two villages separately... We took 1500 treasures, but this was a festival for our raiders. They took every opportunity to get many resources.

    After some time we were ready to take bigger actions, by the confidence a paparazzi who wanted to see our army while deleting, we started Y'All Need Paparazzi on 18/05/2020 :

    We took 2k treasures and completely destroyed 2 villages...

  • but that wasn't enough for our hungry offensive players and by the enemies getting stronger we needed to make an action, so on 20/05/2020 we followed the death in its place, Santa Muerte guided us :

    We took 3k treasures and totally destroyed 2capital/treasury.By gaining so much, we couldn't take a breath, as time passes we needed bigger and more serious actions. We were burning with passion by that UNTOLD on Fire took place on 22/05/2020 :

  • We destroyed 3 villages and took 9k treasures...

    This is for our journey up today. We will be try to give more fun with the desire to win. I hope you enjoying this round too.

  • We have 90.000 treasures,I'll update it.

    It was a fun week for us,we hope it was the same for F1C and Savoy.Congratulations to Savoy for their good defense and F1C for their good hammers and defenses.As a result of this beautiful week,we destroyed 6 villages from our esteemed rival,the F1C kingdom,and only a few of our buildings were damaged.



    I only set the targets that were faced with defense.A report is just missing.Every village entered has been destroyed.We share the defense reports if F1C allows.

    Other than that,you don't have to worry about us darling,keep watching.

  • sa LovëGood, Thank you for sharing the reports ! We also had great pleasure fighting against your armys in this battles an we really enjoyed defending on that.

    I complete your share with 2 missing reports where still def :

    Very nice hammers, was great to defend on this!

    For the fun:

    How kriska see herself before the second battle :

    Kriska, seen by Untold AFTER the battle :

    How F1C see Kriska all the time :

    Have a nice day

  • I share it because F1C allows the sharing of attacks.

    The reports were received from 4 different villages.The part that makes the operation of F1C special is that they made quick decisions and counter operations while our operation was progressing.

    You can request the reports directly from us,not from the kingdoms we attack :whistling:

  • Miaouuuuuuuuuuuuuu

  • First attack to our WW,he hit rally point.Thanks for this report The Great Tide.It is first but not last,so we'll share all WW reports.We're waiting for 500 attacks on our WW.We need to use our all defense before the end.