Gossip COM3

  • I wont give examples but that game is so old against others. If u want to play a community strategy war game u have a lot of option now(especially last 2 3 years). Turn based strategy games, real time strategy games... Those game types growing everyday:) They need less time, less diplomacy(some of them 0 diplomacy), more action, more fight, more fun

    + Grand strategy games (you know the company who is making that games)

    The gamemakers has to change a lot of things. Graphics, cheats, gaming time (150 days is to looooong)

  • What is real server ? GGG makes such an advertisement to every game world they play,but they cannot stay in races without Shrug.The server world we played in was a real server,thank you for the invitation,I wish you a good server.

    What does Shrug have to do with anything here? Dont drag us into this