Troop units do funny remarks

  • I send my 1 scout to scout some inactive player. Scout dies. Next time I send spy to same target in less then 24h, my scout would do funny remark to me, like: "Hey boss, our last scout did not return, are you sure you want to send me/us!?"
    Also, If I mc and i send my army to attack my own village or oase (happens, thats why he have "oops" medal) my army would say something: "King, are you sure you want to attack your own troops?"

    Or if I send 20 legos on 250 mices in oase, they would also do some funny remark, which would alarm me (player) to not send such low army agaisnt that mighty opponent.

    Would make things easier for begginers and would refresh TK for old players.

    Also, maybe even more important:
    Some of old players can recall old old RPG games from 90ths where when you wanted to exit the game by clicking "exit game", the game would do funny remark and tell you something like "only quiters loose" "you are too scared to play this game" and so on.... I know it hit my ego in that time and I would continue to play at least few more minutes :D So, when Player wants to delete his account, do him funny remark like "You are great King/Governor, don/t leave us" and similiar stuff that would actually do the trick!!