Is This an offensive name?

  • Hello!

    so my username was Mr.Ass, and it was changed because the game support Thoth about it as offensive now please read this…20not%20offensive&f=false

    As the FCC Record state:

    The word "ass" and the phrase "pissed off" do not invariably invoke coarse sexual or excretory images, and in

    the context presented they do not rise to the level of offensiveness of the "F-Word"

    or "S-Word".

    the explanation is more detailed in the FCC book

    After you read it please tell me if you think Mr.Ass is an offensive name

    Thank you

  • Hi there TheDoctor
    if your ingame name was changed this means a reason tit was considered inappropriate by our team.
    Please note that Travian Kingdoms is played by all audiences, including children and the game has to be kept free from such nicknames, even if you don't find anything inappropriate with it. This is not about whether or not the above mentioned word is more or less offensive than the f-word or whether or not it implies any sexual images/actions.

    We strongly encourage you to avoid using any words or expressions that may be found offensive/inappropriate by others, even if they seem innocent enough to you. A general guideline that may help is - Would a parent be fine if their 6 year old used this nickname/word? (If you are, other players may not be)
    As ingame rule violations and punishments are not to be discussed on the forums I am now closing this thread. Please contact us via the Help Center should you have any further questions.

    Best regards