Capital city bug?

  • Hi, so a capital city is supposed to provide a 500CP/day bonus...

    I upgraded a village to a city. This village was producing ~340 CP/day. Now, as a city, it produces ~540CP/day. All good.

    Then, I switched my capital to this city. The CP/day production remains at ~540CP/day. Or at least the Palace doesn't allow me to proclaim this city as a capital anymore, after I have done it once.

    Is this a bug? Or was I supposed to make the village a capital before upgrading it to a city to earn the 500CP/day bonus?

    I refreshed a dozen of times and logged out and in, etc. Nothing seemed to help.

    Thanks in advance for any replies :).


    Apparently someone had a similar problem:

    Capital City Not Provide +500 CP??

    They restarted the browser and that solved the problem. Didn't work for me :'(

  • Hi there RooTheMoo#EN

    thank you for reporting! This is a known display only issue that is resolved by refreshing or clearing cache and cookies.
    I'm glad to see it works normally for you now. Have fun!

    Best regards

    Community Manager
    Travian Kingdoms International