Capital city bug?

  • Hi, so a capital city is supposed to provide a 500CP/day bonus...

    I upgraded a village to a city. This village was producing ~340 CP/day. Now, as a city, it produces ~540CP/day. All good.

    Then, I switched my capital to this city. The CP/day production remains at ~540CP/day. Or at least the Palace doesn't allow me to proclaim this city as a capital anymore, after I have done it once.

    Is this a bug? Or was I supposed to make the village a capital before upgrading it to a city to earn the 500CP/day bonus?

    I refreshed a dozen of times and logged out and in, etc. Nothing seemed to help.

    Thanks in advance for any replies :).


    Apparently someone had a similar problem:

    Capital City Not Provide +500 CP??

    They restarted the browser and that solved the problem. Didn't work for me :'(