COM1 Super Slow

  • Imagine what chaos will happen on COM1 server during building of the world wander. Servers should be fixed, cause I wouldn't call this playing, this game will be garbage and abandond by many players if this keeps happening.

  • None off the problems at com 1 have been solved. Troops are stuck at 00:00:00 so does buildings.
    Everything run in slow motion , this way its not fun to play at all.
    From monday we have been promised to work on it, but absoluty nothing happens

  • Sienka Moonrise22:15

    if it had just occurred and travian had only been made aware of it i can understand. I know what it is like for servers and systems to go down and they are not fun and can take time to fix. But something that has been progressively getting worse for the past 3 days... i will have to say i am disappointed in travian and yes a lot of people probably have had worse problems in game from this than me but you would hope as something that provides a game and a service would do better than wait over 3 days and not publish any form of reason or apologies. I would hope that when this is sorted they post something otherwise their customers will feel massively underappreciated.

    And yes Heimdall you can put this on the forum if you wish since i still get that bloody error

    Cant post this, because of lacks so I will post.

  • Well I tell you what... I just sent an attack on a robber camp despite page not loading properly. It showed I had sent out attack... I even double checked as I always do... and it showed "outgoing attack".

    I come back later and I had apparently reinforced robber camp instead of attacked it... when I KNOW for a FACT that I attacked. As I remember double checking (like I ALWAYS do).

    I suspect built in (server side) caching was playing a trick on me again.

    The end result? An alliance member attacked robber camp after me and did 200,000 resource worth of damage between me and him... which I am of course paying for. This really stings!

    Yes, I have bought the biggest package of Gold (TWICE) and am extremely resource conscious to get ahead in the game... so these lags (and caching conflicts from the looks of it) are leaving a very bitter taste in my mouth :(

  • status 22:37 reload.

    IT works, everything i have tested. Merchants and instant golding.

    not sure if evertyone else has it working, i am not sure it will continue but god it is good

    @Sienka tested too and it works

  • I am getting this error "An error has occurred whilst loading "mellonModal.css". Please reload the page. If the problem persists, please contact our game support."

    Is this connected to the same problem? Or I have to do something on my computer to fix it?

  • Sounds good because the server lags again, cant instant finish... 00:00:00.

    Looking forward to the maintance