Teuton defenders, Good or Bad?

  • Hi guys,

    So i have tried looking at old threads and there is a whole load of stuff on this on reddit, but my question is... Is it effective to play a teuton if you are solely a def account? Everyone seems to suggest that the paladin are useless as a defense troop, but i find quite the opposite, while not as fast as the druid i find them very useful for raiding because of their carry capacity. Also to bring some infantry def to my spears.

    Com 7 is my first full server playing Teuton def and i seem to be doing ok, but any tips or advice would be appreciated, like best pala:spear ratio, best type of village layout to settle?

    thanks in advance guys

  • Teuton defenders are fine, spearfighter is an excellent unit especially later on in the game where the biggest threat isn't the 5k club stack of the nearest Teuton but rather larger horse armies of romans. That being said you wouldn't want to be stuck defending alone as Teutons and you definitely want some pretorians, phalanx and druids in the mix to help against infantry which you should get if your kingdom has any other defenders. Paladin is "trash" in the sense that it's way worse than the druidrider and even the spear but it does have the advantage that you can use paladins to farm thanks to their high carry capacity and attack (for a defense unit anyways). Because of the paladin Teuton defense is basically just weaker form of Gaul defense for a low commitment casual account but can be quite potent if you utilize the Paladins to farm inactive greys around the map on an active account.

    If you don't raid don't make paladins or at maximum make them from one village to help with fast defense calls (this should be a centrally located village to your kingdom). If you do raid then you can (and probably even should) have multiple villages producing paladins to raid with to create even more defense, in that situation you would only use the paladins for important defense missions (like large scale attack on a treasury) while leaving dealing with raids to your spears or to other defenders. Of course spears you want to make from as many villages as you can afford with high barracks and smithy, usually every other village in the early and mid game and then in the late game add more based on how your account is developled.

    As for settling, you should prioritize 534/6 villages with good wood oasis when ever possible if you don't use gold as that is the rough consumption of both paladins and spearfighters. If you do use gold then it doesn't matter as much though 434/7 with crop or wood bonuses are technically the best in that case (you might want few of these anyways if your capital isn't that great) + of course croppers when ever possible. Just observe how your resource balance fluctuates and settle new villages to balance the budget so to say, trading with team or the general market can also help get rid of excess iron and clay in trade for wood. You should also do axes or TK's as your robber clearing army which helps in consuming the excess iron.

  • thanks bro that advice is really helpful, so would you say that gaul is best def tribe in the game or you think you can be just as effective as teuton?

    i was kind of hoping that a few more people that play teuton def would have commented and given some tips.

  • gaul is best def tribe in the game or you think you can be just as effective as teuton?

    Yes gaul is without question the best overall defense tribe but it doesn't mean defense teuton doesn't work. Like I said there is nothing wrong with spearfighter, it's the best cavalry defender in the game and has the cheapest total defense as well (though phalanx isn't far behind and their stats are divided in what is arguably more useful way). The real nice feature of the teuton defense is the active playstyle with raider paladin forces which other nations can't easily replicate. You really just need a team to back your spears up or raid to justify paladins.

    Should also be said that teuton is arguably best defense choice for a king or duke becausee of the wall being the best in the game which is very valuable to dukes and kings as fights will happen in treasuries much more often than in any other village type.

  • Best def acc in the game was a teuton :P
    (just needed to throw that in before you write them off)

    from my experience they make an excellent def account, we trained spears & palas equally, defended mostly alone & got amazing trades for our losses
    around 2/1 on kill ratio

    (1.5kk def points for around 800k troops built over the 5 months)

    what it says on paper & how things play out ingame aren't always the same result :)

  • and were you training spears and paladin in every village or just in some villages also ive heard 3:1 and 5:1 spears are best are you saying 1:1 is better

  • I also was best defender on a speed server as a teuton.They can pump out defense very fast in both rax and stable so IMO they are one of the 2 tribes suited for defense along with Gaul (yes Praetorian are good but their training time is horrible+ no defensive cavalry).

    Just set troop villages and train 24/7 in both Rax and Stable.Used to do it in every other town.

    However,your success will greatly depend upon your situation awareness and making good calls at the right time.And some luck too.I was blessed to be positioned between two fighting kingdoms.

    I double-crossed them both of course and reaped the def points ^^:D