Robber camps suggestions

  • Do you agree with my proposed changes to robber camps? 17

    1. Yes, I agree (6) 35%
    2. Mostly yes, right idea but needs modifying first (5) 29%
    3. No, I disagree (4) 24%
    4. Mostly no, something should be changed but this is too far away (2) 12%
    5. Neutral or don't care (0) 0%

    Does anyone else think the mechanism behind robber camps needs balancing?

    I have experienced problems with robber camps on every server I've played on.

    In my opinion, here are the issues:

    1. More attacks can be sent than the number of waves - this encourages 'stealing' from other kingdom members and really creates bad feelings in the kingdom.
      Nothing worse than sending troops on a 2hr + journey to come back empty handed because someone sent TTs to beat you at the last minute.
    2. The 'semi-random' nature of the spawning inevitably favours some players more than others, but it seems to be the same players that are close every time ...
      If you spread a little, maybe to grab a cropper; or you just joined now you are within influence then you're at a disadvantage
    3. I understand the camps are designed to favour active players, which is good. But there's active and then there's living on the game!
      I'm playing on a speed server at the moment and if I'm not online with 15mins of the camps spawning, I get none.
      I think if you're an active player you should at least be given an opportunity to get a camp.
    4. Camps very strongly favour offensive players. Off players usually have an advantage over def players because of raiding potential and this increases that advantage even more (robbers hideouts are the same here).

    In an ideal world the robber camps would still reward the most active players, but would give more people a chance, so here's my proposal:

    1. Continue spawning and wave mechanisms.
    2. In the first X hours allow only Y number of attacks per player (I'd suggest: X hrs = 4hrs for speed and 8hrs for normal; Y attacks = 2 attacks)
    3. In the first X hours do not allow more attacks than number of waves.
    4. After X hours, its a free-for-all.

    Hopefully, the outcome of these proposals is:

    1. The fastest, most active players still get the best waves (ones with most loot and treasure) but that players online in the first X hours will still get a chance.
    2. It stops the closest players with TTs beating players to the treasures before they land (no more 'stealing' and bad feelings).
    3. It rewards active players again after the X hours, because they can clear the remaining camps.
    4. There's a slightly more balanced distribution of robber camps.

    I'm sure there will be some people that disagree with my ideas, but it would be good to understand why, so please comment either way.

    Also, if you could vote in the poll that would be great - might be helpful for the game devs to see how many people share the same thoughts.

    Best wishes,