big celebration missing

  • :(;(;(

    Let me show my problem, look a date :…j9fCK2e3PZrMYyaldJTdHMitw

    i alredy lose 5 big celebration price, and a another one is comming next 15 min, maybe anyone else have this problem to? Maybe it started yesterday, maybe your "bug flix " first i think i'm only a noob and forget to make a new celebration, but i dont found my resources, and now as you see, i took pictures and the big celebration really disappears, together with raw materials. I think its a little unfair :):(:(:(

    And yes, its com1 so not all problem solved yet, unfortunately, but i hope a best :)

    Sorry for this links, but this pictures to big ( more than 1 megabite);(

  • I have the same problem. :(

    To me it looks like a combination of playing with browser and android app and checking the celebrations in both of them.

    I already created a ticket, so let's see if they can fix it.

    Does anyone else have the same problem without using an app?