• disable the workshop or catapults can be created at the start of the game.

    that the workshop or the catapults can be created after 1 month or several weeks, the new ones enter and as soon as the protection of beginners disappears, they throw catapults at you, so you cannot play and people have to wait for new servers (that gives disgust)

    When the nares come out or a few weeks before the antares come out, the workshop will start and start creating catapults.

    it's a suggestion

    in this way everyone will be able to play and fight the server, and give those who arrive later, a chance to enter and that after 5 days of game they attack you with catapults makes no sense

    I think the server would be much more fun

  • I understand your point, but no.
    This game was never meant to be played by people who join late.
    Joining 2 days into the server is already considered "late".

    Just don't join late or just use the relocation feature to join an already developing kingdom.