VILLAGE CHOOSING SHORTCUT FEATURE LOST - Ability to select village by pressing first character

  • I played what I think today was called Legends, about 10 years ago. I was able to, then, name my villages with any character and then when picking the village, I could press that key (shortcut) and the village would appear. I cannot recall all places but I thinkm everywhere a village is chosen.

    E.g. 1-Village; A-Village; `-Village, 5-Village

    So I could hit 5 and the village named 5-Village would be selected.

    Today this does not work and you have removed what IMO is a GUI defacto standard. Most interfaces allow you to select an item from a drop down by pressing the first character. And if there are multiple, the next press goes to the next in that list (e.g. 5-Village1, 5-Village2 - would cycle between both if I kept pressing 5). Today now we have to waste time in selecting the village with the mouse only. Small to some but important when you plow so much time into this and you are constantly changing cities. I memorized my villages before by pressing the specific shortcuts - today it is just more tedious. What was a great feature is now lost.

    Not sure also if there is any way to cycle between villages with the keyboard alone. e.g. CTRL-LEFT and CTRL-RIGHT. And if not there should be. Google in Chrome can do this with sheets - any browser can do it and it would be great for the developers to add these keyboard shortcuts.



  • No (illegal/legal or other) browser extensions. Not into anything special It was native. Mind the photo below (from Legends) - notice the character in front.

    What I cannot recall is if this was everywhere

    I think the "dropdown" of villages is new in Kingdoms and you had the more generic search before - even though it showed yours first I believe. But with that interface I could hit ~ and Soylent Green came up. Period. That is why each village in the photo has a prefix - 1-9, @, ! etc - because they all worked.

    Moot to argue - it worked before and would be nice in Kingdoms.


  • The screenshot is from Travian T3.6 (or earlier), but the point still stands, it was never a thing natively. You can do use autocomplete in stuff like market place or rally point, but that only autocompletes the village name and not switches villages - that works too in Kingdoms (although using the dropdown feels quicker for me tbh). I mean, I would like hotkeys for stuff, even stuff like CTRL + Arrow Keys to go to next/previous village and so on, but it never was a thing before. ^^