Quick maintenance 27.04

  • Dear players,

    We will perform a short maintenance on this game round, COM3, at 14:00 o’clock CEST = 12 pm UTC. The downtime will last less than 15 minutes, if any. :!:Sorry for the short notice. We believe it will counteract the lagging issues we have recently experienced on other game worlds.

    Please help us spread the word and share this message in your kingdom threads, the in-game chats, on discord and your other communication channels.

    Thank you all in advance,

    Your Travian Kingdom Team

    Community Manager
    Travian Kingdoms International

  • Since maintenance....system map messages have all popped back up.....mostly "Village was abandoned X hours ago"...but treasury messages, settled villages.....
    Usually they disappear after 24h.

  • Hey there SacredLegend  
    thank you for reporting, this is a possible occurance after a maintenance. If the messages are still there after a few days please send us a ticket via the Help Center and we'll investigate this further.

    Best regards

    Community Manager
    Travian Kingdoms International