• So, the COM3 server is taking shape and it starts to be a placed filled with blood, sweat and tears.

    Several 'elite' groups are making their way and are enforcing a no-recruitement policy. They also like to call themselfes 'small groups' while actually being the largest kingdoms on the gameround.



    For those of you looking to join a fun, experienced, laid-back and most of all, happy group: feel free to shoot an in-game message to either

    - ZesT

    - Dizuki

    - The Joker

    We will ensure your safety and health, in these troublesome times.

    We won't require you to play at a 'certain level' or what not.

    :thumbsup:<3 Join the fun, join Dominion! <3:thumbsup:

  • Let's not forget last server:

    Last server you were 130? 150? This server you are already 90+ in your current kingdoms, and yet you are openly recruiting. Maybe it's time to learn how to learn how to play as a team instead of recruiting hundreds of people to use them.

    And let's specify something, no one requires to play at a " 'certain level' or what not" as you quote from nowhere and I truly believe that it is valid for Untold as well (if not, please correct me, because beside the banter and the trash talk I'm happy that untold took the decision of following their purpose and their goal, therefore not to recruit anymore to have a fair fight on the server among everyone).
    And while Untold as I pointed out are "large" (less than you still), there are group out there that are far larger than them already Savoi+Brunolar, <I>, ...

    Maybe it's time that instead of being one of many, your governors become a fully integrated part of your team.

    The only thing that is ironic here is your lack of awareness.

  • I'm really puzzled how all these teams that recruit in the hundreds.... what happens to all those players after the server ends?
    Why dont they continue their journey & return for the next server with them? ?(

    They must feel really uninspired to not return & play again :|

    same teams seem to suck up more & more players each server

    (it really doesn't sound like much fun at all)

    Dominion would do better to focus on the players they have, rather than trying to absorb more into their game

    (also they should stop trying to use smaller kingdoms to do their bidding for them)

    if you want to fight us .... fight us, but dont encourage much weaker kingdoms to try and do it for you, that's just cowardly