unexplained loot

  • ok,here is the thing:i get attack,i got 2 cranny fully up,suppose to protect2k resorses for each kind,my granary is empty,so is my werehouse....yet the attacker get away with over 3k loot for each eccept crops....how can this be possible?

    doesnt it defy the purpouse of the cranny and,of the game strategy?

  • Ok. Can I ask one more question? If someone becomes duke and this means he doesn't have to pay any tribute anymore, the attacker won't loot anything, right? because there isn't any tribute to loot, right?

  • ok...but that sucks nonetheless...the idea is that an aggressor stronger then you raid you,the best defense is to let him go away empty hand...it will discorauge him to waist the time and units again,for nothing.

    in the other hand,if he get a nice loot,...he will keep coming for more,again and again...eventually,you will loose from your resorses to,no one can be online 24/7...

  • Yeah, you're right Lord Vetinari, but here's a strange case about me. I've been raided for more than a week now, (maybe two weeks ok?) by the same player, three times a day. He always go empty hands, but he doesn't stop. What can I do to make him stop? It's becoming very annoying.

    Can you give me just a piece of advice? Thank you.

  • Ok. I have built the wall and the "stone [something] master" (I don't remember the name). Anyway they are both at level 10.

    For the defense troop the matter is more complicated, because he always attack with 500 and more teutonic knights aaand today he came two times with something like 100 or 1000 (I don't remember) catapults.

    So I'm afraid he can beat my troops up just when I'm training them. For now I only have 100 legionarii.

    Because he just killed the 50 mounted legionarii and some pretorians

    Anyway, thank you for your answer.

  • Yeah. You're right, but what can I do with only 175/250 troops against 500 of them and also catapults? I just tried with the battle simulator and it told me, with every combination of data, that only 34 of them will die? I really can't understand. With a wall so big, and with only troop specialized against chivalry troops, why I would lose in any case? I don't know, I'm just new of this game, so maybe there is something I didn't consider yet.

    The problem is that the cost of the troops is too high and in the same time I have to re-build the wall he destroies. But I don't think I have enough resources for both.

  • Thank you for your help. But I'm not in a kingdom anymore and I tried to level up my troops in smithy, but as I said I tried to put their level in the battle simulator and the answer is always the same.