OFF troops for a Gaul DEFF

  • For a Gaul DEFF:

    Assuming we don't farm, how many OFF troops is adequate to defeat robber hideouts? whit a ram i guess.

    You wait for them to attack you so that your counterattack doesn't lose so many troops?

    Or when they appear do you attack them immediately?

    In my case, I usually have 3000-4000 swordsman, not more.

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  • You can use combat simulator and see how much in resources you loose when defending or attacking.
    As for optimal number of troops, compare like how much do you loose with e.g. 3000 swords vs 4000 swords, multiply how many hideouts appear per day (or week, or any unit of time) and compare it with extra consumption (3000 vs 4000 swords is 1000 crop/hour or e.g. 168k per week).
    Having huge army won't reduce your losses significantly so there should be some sweet spot somewhere.