Very serious lag issues on com2nx3

  • shit on the server com2nx3 :( always refresh, time 00:00:00 frosty .... i'm online and i can't pull chicken shoes incoming attack, hide raw material , signs cannot be deleted player messages:(

  • Com2nx3 isseus:

    1: Treasuries sold in a village within kingdom result in sending the resources to my captial outside kingdom loosing the cropbonus they are coming from robbers instead of king

    2: Treasuries sold are not visible in the kingdom tributes so I do not know my king receives them.

    3: Free card play does not work, have to buy the card, while it states free card to play 1x, either change the message or be more specific when the servers starts concerning rules (Welcom page) or I need glasses.

    4: Often the link to the server is broken, so updates to the game have to go by reloading the browser

    In my opinion this server seems a bit like testing. I suggest a better testing strategy before launching a server with a veriety of new featues, If possible I would help out, complaining is not helpfull testing is.

    Thanks for lauching this birthday server, something else for a change :thumbsup:

  • 1. Already a know issue. Bbash selling stolen goods issue Dev team is working on it.

    2. Sold treasuries are visible only in village, which is within borders of any kingdom (thus generating taxes). If you want to know how many treasuries you have inside a village outside of kingdom's borders you need to scout yourself.

    3. Be careful about free card game. If you log into your server after mightnight and you see a welcome screen saying you have one free card game that is true. If you click on that the notification in lower right corner saying you have a free card game will not dissappear. Welcome screen is always true

    This one is true.

    This one stay until you dismiss it manually.

    4. Ongoing issue. F5 for the win.

  • Yep, i just started on the server and I have "No connection" to the game, so i have to refresh for every action in the game. I tried on different computers and different networks, just to see if it was that.

  • Hey everyone,

    I'm also experiencing most of these. In case things get stuck please refresh the page, that should help.
    Our technical team is already working on the next update which should help with these issues. We'll let you know as soon as we have more information and and exact date.

    Best regards

    Community Manager
    Travian Kingdoms International

  • This is worse then playing a Test server.

    In game messages not working, reports not showing names, having to refresh page after every click.

    Impossible to communicate with your team.

    Please Georgi Tuesday, 1:48 pm is when you posted and it is now Saturday 08:00 and its getting worse not better, is this fair on your customers? :?::?::?:

  • this server has been very 'laggy' from day 1

    You can reload the page, clear caches etc etc

    None of these helps....for me and a few others at least.

    The absolute worst is not being able to message anybody, the page is just blank.

    Pfft !!