The first 24 hours after conquering a village.

  • Dear fellow players,

    Probably there are already been many discussions about this matter in multiple topics over time. Didn’t try hard to find anything to reopen this but with a quick glans through the forum I wasn’t able to find any to reopen it.

    Quick question to all players out there, where is the decency regarding chiefing? Fine you chiefed a village,,, congratulations enjoy it. But wasn’t there a gentlemans/gentleladies code regarding the first 24 hours?

    Things might have changed over the years I didn’t play. But previously it was a thing to not def your conquered village the first 24 hours. People running farmlists over long distances, mainly inactive players so no harm done there. The situation could be (probably will be) that the 100+ attacks incoming on your happily conquered villages were sended before you conquered it. Avoid putting def there, let the farmers witch had attacks inbound have a go until the last attack hit and put on def after 24 hours. If you don’t want to lose the resources in that village, reserve it in buildings, put it in the market for insane traderates no one will accept or send it out to your other villages.

    Afraid of other people jumping in on the low loyalty and chief it? Not so hard to calculate what type of unit is inbound. Build a palace/residence first so at least catas will be needed to take that down first.

    I’d love to hear other opinions about this. Other unwritten rules that applied earlier so we can all have a go with each other in a honest fight instead of harvesting cheap defpoints.

    With kind regards,


    (Ps. To all the new players, stop messaging the people who have inbound attacks on your conquered village. The village will be automatically removed from all farmlists after you conquered it.)

    (Pss. Spiking seriously? Even more pathetic than deffing a just conquered village!<X)

    Some things are better left unsaid.

    Which I generally realize right after I have said them.

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